T’Wolves: Rubio Just Might Be a Waste, Hazed in Uncertainty

So, we’ve stirred up international bias, describing the 18-year-old as Pete Maverich and anointed Ricky Rubio as NBA’s next elite point guard. Only playing next season would have revealed the truth, whether the Spaniard is NBA caliber or just a disappointment. Until then, we will never understand who exactly Rubio is, or if he’s the […]

Like Others, Idoitic Troubles Mirgates to Wrigleyville, Bradley

I’m tired of hearing the name. As citizens and baseball loyalist, our minds should be weary of the one player whose worse than Donald Duck when tempers flare. The childish tantrums have been everywhere, this explains why Milton Bradley has played for seven different teams in his troubling nine seasons. Nothing has changed after migrating […]

Shaq Adds Powerful Force, No Excuses: Cleveland Must Rock Now

They have a few things in common, labeled as NBA’s most appealing stars. Just in this season, whether, we have relished their player’s introductions and are accustomed of their cartoonish psyche. So much idolatry is insatiably circulated in the basketball atmosphere, when it relates to LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal. Um! Wonder if Nike’s creativity […]

Battle of the Bob’s: Lashley Expects “Train Wreck” Against Bob Sapp

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According to Sherdog.com, Bobby Lashley says he expects a “train wreck” in his super-heavyweight bout with 375-pound Bob Sapp. Here were the exact words Lashley had spoke: “Let’s be honest: This fight is going to be a train wreck,” he said. “It’s two guys going out there to bang, and it’s not going to take […]

Do You Believe In Miracles? U.S. Beats Spain, 2-0, In a Stunning Victory

Oh my, oh my! What a victory USA got to defeat Spain. They downed them, 2-0, in a stunning victory in which everyone thought Spain would do. Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey saved the US to make sure the victory would stay with their goals to give the US a score of two, and Spain […]

Pacers To Swap Their 13th Pick to the Bulls For Two First-Round Picks

According to Indy Cornrows, the Chicago Bulls look to swap their 16th and 26th overall NBA Draft pick for the Indiana Pacers number 13th. The Pacers are looking at many of the players Chi-Town is at and it is looking very interesting in this point of view. It would beneficial for the Pacers as they […]