‘Boys Will Be ‘Boys, If Romo Excels Merely With Fewer Tosses

My inclination each season is to imagine the Dallas Cowboys, getting past unnecessary futility that has suffocated high expectations in the past. But in a juncture, when it seems Tony Romo isn’t beleaguered with paparazzi snapping endless snapshots of him and ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson vacationing at a pool party a week before a pivotal playoff […]

Penn State Now Victims of BCS Fraud, But Fear Iowa

For a moment, Penn State won’t climb atop erratic polls, sorely hysterical after suffering mockery against an inferior team which isn’t powerless or startled facing arguably the powerful Big Ten school in the nation. Each week ultimate ramifications are serious for attaining BCS reverence when a fraudulent system can jeopardize title opportunities. On a rainy […]

Just Not in the Cards? The Disappointing Letdown of Matt Leinart’s Career

Matt Leinart was once the man. He was, no doubt, the best quarterback in College Football when he was playing with the USC Trojans. Along with his stellar running backs in LenDale White and Reggie Bush he was part of one of the most explosive offenses around. When he came into the National Football League, […]

Minnesota Twins Can Wave Goodbye as Tiger Fangs are Too Brutal

As the postseason looms, it brings back memories of the annual fall classic grasping our awareness on which team is worthy of winning the pennant or teams that are bust. As the season unfolds, it captivates our senses seeing which team survives the finish, after withstanding a bleak and shameful season for all the treacherous […]

NBA Talk: Dampier May Be Heading To the Bench

With the Dallas Mavericks’ recent additions of Drew Gooden and Shawn Marion in the offseason, rumors started to heat according to the “Dallas Morning News” up of starting center Erick Dampier heading to the bench. “It excites me to have our quarterback back (Jason Kidd) and to have Shawn Marion on one wing and Josh […]

Cutler Redeems Nightmarish Blunders: Bears Aren’t Done Just Yet

The images defined much about the game of football in a Sunday matinee. You can define it as momentum, or even a game of faltering on some occasions. Either way, the Chicago Bears might not be on the verge of hibernation. Instead they might have a chance of prolonging an auspicious season, with other teams […]

NBA Talk: Michael Beasley Works Out With Miami Heat After Rehab

Forward Michael Beasley returned to the Miami Heat to work out with them after staying in rehab for about a month according to reports from “ESPN.com.” Beasley took part in voluntary workout sessions and was doing well. Much of the staff has seen Beasley for a while last month, some of them have seen them […]