New York Yankees Rain on Pedro Martinez’s Parade: Who’s Daddy Now?

In case you’re wondering, “Who’s Your Daddy!” chants rained down in a hurry on a villain still wearing Jheri curls and bearing frightening fastballs. His return to New York wasn’t too lenient, including an unbearable crowd that had waited to avenge cruel remarks that dated back to the days when Pedro Martinez faced the New […]

To Rule Out Phillies Is an Understatement: Lee Too Extraordinary

His challenge arrived ever so quickly amid an epic duel unimaginably surprising at a time baseball extends to November, reducing our interest as we direct our full attention on football and basketball. But in a city, where baseball devotees are warned, courtesy of Doppler reports, the rabid and starved New York crowd couldn’t care less […]

Shaq or No Shaq, Boston Celtics Still Put Fear into Cleveland Cavs

Your average basketball loyalist fails to understand that the Cleveland Cavaliers might not be mighty after all. Because they now consist of the Man of Steel, Superman, the Big Catus or the Big Diesel, doesn’t legitimize pure dominance over a menacing team in the most compelling conference. But when the Celtics rejuvenated and returned to […]

Al Horford and Mike Bibby will go opening night in Atlanta

The Hawks received good news today after learning that their all five of their starters will be healthy and cleared to play tomorrow night in the Atlanta Hawks’ opening night. It was only 48 hours ago that both Al Horford and Mike Bibby were at the practice facility receiving treatment from their injuries. Horford is […]

At Last, Yankees Validates Traditional Earnings

They haven’t won 26 titles in 40 appearances for nothing, or haven’t spent an outrageous $423.5 million for the series MVP C.C. Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett. Even the house Derek Jeter built was invested, confident of reliving glorious celebrations and pennant runs. Last year alone the dauntless co-chairmen Hank and Hal Steinbrenner, spent […]

Jamal Crawford scores a team-high while Dwight Howard and Vince Carter look in mid-season form

In the Atlanta Hawks last preseason game before the regular season starts next week, four of their starting five played at least twenty minutes. However, so did the Orlando Magic, who reminded the Hawks who the defending Eastern Conference champion was while on route to a blowout 123-86 win. The win kept the Orlando Magic […]

Statement: Phillies Confirm How To Play Like Champs

You practically can feel the loving wealth, spreading around the streets of Philly. At a point when Philly cheese steaks aren’t as tasty or lovable as the Philadelphia Phillies, the rabid town has again went nuts, not over the Eagles or Michael Vick’s craze, not over the Sixers season-opener next week, and definitely not over […]

Love or Hate, Boo or Kiss: Titletown Rules In Philly

Welcome to Philly, the city of Brotherly Love. Wait, the city of Brotherly Love, not after the year of 1968 when they booed Santa Claus, becoming notorious for their infamous boos among four major pro sports teams. Fans booed merely anyone who underachieves or criticizes their city and even their own teams. At halftime of […]

Amaro, Phillies Smart Handling Business, But Dodgers’ Bungles Prove Costly

On another bone-chilling night, in the last of the ninth inning, the Phillies still preserved the biggest hit. A shot on a night that dictated the Dodgers’ season. If there’s a veteran the Phillies can depend on, Jimmy Rollins is the name to single out. The unexpected heroics turned a tense moment into another celebration […]

Cliff Lee Amazingly Unhittable, Dodgers No Match For Phillies

The population in Philly is thinking “Brotherly Lee”, rather than Brotherly Love, according to a sign a fan held up proudly. On a bone-chilling night, fans welcomed home the Philadelphia Phillies, believing for a second consecutive season that they can sustain back-to-back glory. It’s a town that doesn’t quit believing, and currently a town louder […]

Jeff Reed Cited After Steelers Victory

The Steelers had beaten the Browns 27- 14, Kicker Jeff Reed had two Field Goals. For party boy Jeff Reed this inevitably called for celebration. After drinking at a bar just a few blocks from the stadium in which he just played an NFL game, Reed recieved a Citation for Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct. […]