Believe in Tiger Woods: An Exaggerated Fairy Tale Just Expands Headlines

It’s fascinating how fast the world turned its attention to the world’s greatest golfer. This week is hijacked as the average citizen tunes in, curious to know what went wrong when Tiger Woods made an ordinary mistake that turned into an abnormal event. As bizarre as the story seems, it’s an everyday sequence occurring each […]

Run, Jimmy, Run! Good Timing for Clausen to Leave Irish

Outside of C.J.’s pub in South Bend, a crazy individual refused to appreciate what Jimmy Clausen has accomplished under polarizing Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis. Instead, that individual expressed his anger and gave the Irish’s starting quarterback a black eye. Constant debates have been had in the last few weeks on whether Clausen forgoes his […]

Iverson Isn’t The Answer, Until He Overrides Selfishness, Ego

The greatest little man stood up, and survived the tallest men in sports. Of course, everyone was intrigued whenever Allen Iverson had tough-minded and dynamic performances, which attracted fans across the world. He entertained us magnifying children as a role model, in which he was idolized and his singular actions were imitated on a regular. […]

Message To Kansas: Salvage School Spirit, Fire Mangino Immediately

Here, in America, a program is suffocating. There’s collateral damage poisoning a dignified program as most of us are accustomed to in basketball more than football. Either way, that is, the self-destruction floating around the campus of Kansas is repulsive if you believe in the allegations. Whether a multitude of players dislike or jaded of […]

Is Michigan Better Off Saving Rich Rodriguez? I Say Yes

The surroundings in Ann Arbor are somber. This season alone, reality has exposed a peculiar scenario inside a prestigious program. Considering mystique has dwindled in the last two seasons under head coach Rich Rodriguez, skeptics instantly doubt that his coaching methods isn’t befitting within a superior school. Mired in utter disarray, the primary option is […]

Quit All Nonsensical Gossip: LeBron Curing Browns Is Preposterous

I almost feel sorry for the city, continuously suffering with sporting heartaches. It’s a town woefully perturbed of the well-being of sporting indignities, sadly crippling a dormat sports town amid a devestating recession. In Cleveland, fans are curious to alleviate long-suffering failures of forging endless burdens in an urban community where rock and roll established […]

Notre Dame Must Lose Weis Clown to Purge Circus

The mental state of humiliation doesn’t settle too well in the scenery where mortals are a theme now, tattering respectability for Notre Dame believers witnessing yet another hopeless season. Doomed in a period when the Irish were praised, and presumably entered a promising season with high expectations, South Bend critics are bashing embattled coach Charlie […]

For LeBron, Flight No. 23 Next Destination Is New York

Considering the NBA has turned into an entertaining site, rather than an average basketball contest, LeBron James is globally admired across the world and emerged into the worldwide leader in basketball. If he migrated to Europe, the Euroleague would grasp our attention and routinely become an organic site for entertainment I suspect. The entertainment capital […]

Brady Bunch, Belichick Hapless, As Colts Aim for Perfection

Not too sure if the ending of an epic rival went as plan, but this is why over the years we’ve embraced the Patriots-Colts rivalry. Sure, it’s not as bitter as the Celtics-Lakers, North Carolina-Duke, or Red Sox-Yankees, but in an epic period where football has paranoid our senses and allured our interest, the two […]

Phoenix Happy Hour: JJ Fastest, But Martin May Have The Best Car on Sunday

Any thoughts of Jimmie Johnson having any lingering affects from last weeks disastrous finish at Texas were quickly put to rest during Saturday’s Final Phoenix Practice in preparation for Sunday’s Checker O’Reilly Auto Parts 500. NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series points leader laid out the fastest lap of 132.348 mph early in the practice and appears […]

Tom Cable Shouldn’t Get a Free Ride, Suspend Him

Why is it that every time the NFL admittedly mentions intolerance of misconduct, but fails to address issues of domestic violence? In a league where drug addicts, strip club addicts, and dog killers are forced to serve a rigid suspension, shouldn’t the same type of punishment be given to Raiders coach Tom Cable, a disturbed […]

It’s About Greed and Ego: Snyder Is an Egotistic Idiot, Worst Owner Ever

In the richest sports league, an egotistic owner by the name of Dan Snyder purchased a franchise in the NFL. I tip my hat off to him, having the proper necessities to own a franchise, since purchasing the Washington Redskins 10 years ago. But recently, in fact, a few years ago, I have put my […]

Denver Broncos’ Flawless Drive is Wasteful, If Bothered By Pesky Steelers

It felt like a playoff game, I swear. Seems football fanatics are getting a head start in a sneak preview, and how a fascinating postseason may square off. Two bottomless defensive teams, and two flawless defensive coordinators describe the kind of teams assembled. As it turns out, the Denver Broncos are subjected to an unbelievable […]