For Such Heartless Nature, Leach Needed To Be Dismissed

It’s a heartless story that doesn’t settle to well, within our sympathetic hearts. We knew it was coming, a decision on the future of Mike Leach. There’s no doubt he was the symbol of rehabilitating a program in default. That is, of course, until his name surfaced of atrocity against a player, egregious nature at […]

Can Vikings Rebound? Yes, Childress, Favre Must Get a Grip

In a way, that is, if you’ve forgotten, Brett Favre ignited a controversy. The timing of all the friction is unnecessary for a team attempting to erase any flukes and illusions. But everybody knows the Minnesota Vikings are mired in self-destruction, if the timeless interruption plays a role in the playoffs. What seems to be […]

Meyer’s Gator Stunner Is Riddles, Leaves Us Guessing

It’s kind of hard to tell where he’s coming from, hard to tell his next decision. When the stunning development unmasked, he broke down into tears, helpless and saddened of his sudden departure. He alarmed us all with his announcement of periodic chest pains. He shocked us all by informing the world of frequent health […]

Pac-10 Stumbles Out of The Gate Going 0-2 vs Mtn West

The Pac-10 has stumbled out of the blocks in the bowl season. After going 5-0 last season in bowl games, the Pac-10 is now 0-2 in their first two bowl games against the non-BCS conference of the Mountain West. Oregon State was whacked by BYU 44-20 in the Las Vegas as underdogs on Tuesday and […]

Great Bowl Games To Bet On This Week Led By Pac-10 Teams

The bowl season began last week and we saw two underdogs win outright and one favorite win. The biggest upset was Wyoming, a 12-point dog – the second largest spread of the bowl season – handing Fresno State a 35-28 double-overtime loss. For the next three days beginning Tuesday with the Las Vegas Bowl, we’ll […]

Chris Henry’s Death Inspires Chad Ochocinco and Bengals

He wisely dropped to his knees, lifted his head and pointed skyward after sprinting in a well-executed route and catching a 49-yard touchdown pass from Carson Palmer. In a moment of grief, Chad Ochocinco’s solace was to pay tribute to the late Chris Henry. It was a time the Cincinnati Bengals played with heavy hearts, […]

Colts Arrival On Miami’s Block is More Imperative Than Historic Plateau

Anyone can debate whether now is a good time to rest players, and ignore a historic plateau. And somewhere today, the arrogance of the ’72 Miami Dolphins has awakened. By the time the Thursday night game finished, the Indianapolis Colts arrived inches closer of shattering a seemingly unbreakable record. What seems untouchable is capable of […]

Patriots Can’t Just Send Them Home, Belichick Step Up as Leader

The irony, whether if this decade portrays a dynasty or asterisk is, the New England Patriots have shifted directions. Instead of chasing another Lombardi Trophy, the franchise accused of Sypgate, is deteriorating and is unbalanced. For almost a full decade, the Patriots were referred to as a sleaze in professional sports, committing a stupid act. […]

The Mike Lowell Trade: What About Dusty Brown?

This week, the Red Sox have been in talks that will send Mike Lowell to the Texas Rangers for minor league catcher Max Ramirez. This trade has raised many questions. One being, will Max Ramirez now be the third catcher in the Red Sox organization in front of Dusty Brown and Mark Wagner? If Ramirez […]

Tiger Woods Must Return to Solidify Legacy, Escape Scandal

Well, he refused to give us an explanation for what has turned into the biggest sporting scandal. Believe it or not, Tiger Woods doesn’t owe the world an explanation, even though he’s the world’s greatest athlete or greatest role model. Weeks removed from revelations of a befuddling storm, led us to view Woods as a […]

Heisman Watch: Although the Competition is Fierce, Vote for Ingram

Oh, the most joyous of days is quickly looming, and a moment doesn’t pass without college football lords discussing the next athlete worthy of the stiff-armed statue. The Heisman race is so intense, occupying the average person’s heart with suspense of which candidate is worthy of hoisting the most special prize in all of sports. […]

Dear NCAA, Please Oust the BCS

Of course, much drama creates hysteria at the closure of a 12-game season. Either way, that is, someone is enraged of the final results when the BCS has the last word on which school deserves a right to play for a national title. Everyone despises the BCS, a fraudulent system divulging favoritism for well-known conferences […]

Validated: Alabama Is Title Worthy

For the first time ever, at least from what I can remember, Tim Tebow broke down mentally and dripped tears before thousands at the Georgia Dome, where you couldn’t argue it was an electric, national title atmosphere. The Florida Gators encountered an interesting challenge, a rigid matchup against a superior opponent, and Alabama bombarded the […]

Greatest Athlete to Greatest Disgrace, But Tiger Is Forgiven

He’s known as the world’s greatest golfer, the world’s greatest athlete, the world’s greatest role model. For almost a week now, we’ve heard image is everything, we’ve heard continuous controversy of Tiger Woods. But he was created man, even though he’s a specimen with gifted abilities to dominate golf like no other golfer on this […]