For Such Heartless Nature, Leach Needed To Be Dismissed

It’s a heartless story that doesn’t settle to well, within our sympathetic hearts. We knew it was coming, a decision on the future of Mike Leach. There’s no doubt he was the symbol of rehabilitating a program in default. That is, of course, until his name surfaced of atrocity against a player, egregious nature at a much-thriving program.The average program, particularly in the … [Read more...]

Can Vikings Rebound? Yes, Childress, Favre Must Get a Grip

In a way, that is, if you’ve forgotten, Brett Favre ignited a controversy. The timing of all the friction is unnecessary for a team attempting to erase any flukes and illusions. But everybody knows the Minnesota Vikings are mired in self-destruction, if the timeless interruption plays a role in the playoffs. What seems to be a minor issue, can jeopardize the rest of their … [Read more...]

Meyer’s Gator Stunner Is Riddles, Leaves Us Guessing

It’s kind of hard to tell where he’s coming from, hard to tell his next decision. When the stunning development unmasked, he broke down into tears, helpless and saddened of his sudden departure.He alarmed us all with his announcement of periodic chest pains. He shocked us all by informing the world of frequent health problems. Lastly, the announcement was a stunning development … [Read more...]

Pac-10 Stumbles Out of The Gate Going 0-2 vs Mtn West

The Pac-10 has stumbled out of the blocks in the bowl season. After going 5-0 last season in bowl games, the Pac-10 is now 0-2 in their first two bowl games against the non-BCS conference of the Mountain West. Oregon State was whacked by BYU 44-20 in the Las Vegas as underdogs on Tuesday and Utah handled California as an underdog 37-27 in the Poinsetta Bowl Wednesday.The win … [Read more...]

Favre Must Revoke Timeless Tale for Crying Out Loud

Here we go again.When it seems the biggest diva in all of sports mellowed into an unselfish legend and future Hall of Famer, willing to guide the Minnesota Vikings to the Super Bowl that fans have implored for years, Brett Favre is returning back to his old psyche.There’s not a season progressing, without the famous quarterback of all-time crying out loud to the world.And each … [Read more...]

Great Bowl Games To Bet On This Week Led By Pac-10 Teams

The bowl season began last week and we saw two underdogs win outright and one favorite win. The biggest upset was Wyoming, a 12-point dog – the second largest spread of the bowl season – handing Fresno State a 35-28 double-overtime loss.For the next three days beginning Tuesday with the Las Vegas Bowl, we’ll get to witness some of the better bowl games, at least on paper. The … [Read more...]

Chris Henry’s Death Inspires Chad Ochocinco and Bengals

He wisely dropped to his knees, lifted his head and pointed skyward after sprinting in a well-executed route and catching a 49-yard touchdown pass from Carson Palmer.In a moment of grief, Chad Ochocinco’s solace was to pay tribute to the late Chris Henry. It was a time the Cincinnati Bengals played with heavy hearts, but there was no one with a heavier heart than Ochocinco. At … [Read more...]