Kentucky Basketball: Fried Chickens Are Gone, Wildcats Elite Once Again

Well, that confirms it. There’s much we know about Kentucky in a season when elite toughness has returned, banishing all the burdens. Before John Calipari made his presence felt in Lexington, the Wildcats were burning in a hot bucket, battered in the fried grease. They were a Kentucky Fried Calamity, but with all the drastic […]

No Better Way To Put It: Kurt Warner Forges a Beautiful Legacy

He was an ordinary kid stacking cans on the selves of a Hy-Vee supermarket, and settled for minimum wages to make ends meat for his family. Kurt Warner’s life wasn’t always smooth, having to experience hardships amid tough times when he was seeking to establish an identity. It was difficult for a kid as scouts […]

Brett Favre: Enough With All the Weary Pondering, Just Come Back

Whether it has any relation to being described as an egomaniac or someone unwilling to yield the game in which wealth and fame enhanced a legacy, he doesn’t have to take us on another un-retiring/retiring saga. You’ve seen it before, his annoying pleads to return amid an offseason when Green Bay was settled and had […]

Baseball on Brink of Self-Destruction? Be Responsible, Selig

As curiosity strikes baseball faster than CC Sabathia’s fastball or even Cliff Lee’s curveball, you must come to realize baseball is a sport caught in hazed, gloomy clouds. The game is the root of all evil, casting hideous and despicable conceptions on what was America’s Pastime, but now America’s Disgrace. In a way, the game […]

New Orleans Saints’ Historic Quest: The Sweetest Win on Bourbon Street

What we’ve seen is real, even though it feels like an illusion, given the long-suffering. The New Orleans Saints weren’t always referred to as the Saints, but instead a disgrace in a community where the sport wasn’t the finest attraction. Doomed with bad karma, Mardi Gras was more exciting than the Saints marching into the […]

LeBron Sends a Statement To Kobe, Lakers: Cleveland Cavaliers is Team To Beat

For all the puppet hype, a marketing crusade Nike has advertised of NBA marquee superstars, Kobe against LeBron publicity turned into an epic theater and millions are witnesses. It might have been the biggest, uttermost entertaining game of the year, coming in January when it felt like a postseason atmosphere in front of an electric […]

NBA Cares

It’s been a week since one of the most catastrophic disasters had happened to our world. We all know what happened: The 6.0 earthquake in the country of Haiti. A boy, five years of age, was recently rescued after being trapped by rubble…for eight days. They also then found a 70-year-old woman. The NBA, heck, […]

North Carolina No Longer Loom a Threat in College Hoops

If there are outrageous vibes wondering inside the minds of committed basketball lords on Tobacco Road and near Chapel Hill, it’s for all the unforeseen transitions ensuing among an elite program. The North Carolina Tar Heels reached a point of frailty, in what has finally turned into reality, any time a talented class with competitive […]