Team USA Has a Slight Edge: Ryan Miller’s Heroics are Inexplicable

What we are witnessing is the most renaissance hockey team in U.S. history. The unforeseen heroics and vibrant star power of Team USA continues to engrave a lifetime miracle, greater than a Miracle on Ice. It was 30 years ago, when the U.S. had a talented and artistic core enduring the competitiveness. All of the […]

Oh Yeah, Canada Finds Its Mojo: It’s Far From Over

What a difference one game makes. It seemed the Canadians were burnt as French toast and almost disappointed a homeland in which tears engulfed the psyche of a sensitive nation, its expectations submerged. All the possible dreams of conquering a gold medal unraveled, and it was difficult to trust in Team Canada. Bad vibes were […]

The Meaning Of These Games: U.S. Makes Us Proud With Unforeseen Glory

I must confess gushing over excitement the U.S. Olympic stars engendered is captivating and honorable. The well-deserving praise is seen globally, bracing the particular U.S. stars that represented our nation with dignity, zealous of competing on such a prestigious platform. Wasn’t Canada supposed to own the podium, vowing to win the most gold? What a […]

U.S. Exemplifies a Global Miracle: Conquering Gold Appears Logic

As a nation, we witnessed a potential miracle in the making of a phenomenal championship for a country that isn’t groomed or cultivated in a strong upbringing of accomplishing triumph in an enigmatic sport. Thirty years ago, Team USA pulled off the unforeseen by conquering the spotlight and reverence in a foreign sport, which originated […]

U.S. Olympic Stars Popularizes Games, but Chad Hedrick Hits Downside

It’s unfortunate a long-awaited dream was shattered, hindering him from a potential shot at fame and glory. When an Olympian trains years for the unforeseen, a heartbreaker is unimagined for a real icon expected to leave Vancouver with a medal and exhilarated of the exertion needed to reach a pinnacle in the world-class games. On […]

If All Else Fails

The Cavaliers now have gotten everything LeBron wants…pretty much. LeBron wanted Amare Stoudemire in the trade deadline. The Cavs were close to getting him, but they got someone who is better and would not want to call for the ball and just play basketball. He’ll be assigned of what he’s asked. That’s Antwan Jamison. Now […]

Tiger Conveys Sorrow, but I’m Not Buying Elusive Message

The truth is, the annoying speculations of Tiger Woods committing horrible transgressions haven’t vanished. It has been the most dreadful months for Woods, the faultless and admirable icon. But ever since the accident on Thanksgiving night, you know, when he slammed into a fire hydrant and a neighbor’s tree and was seen barefooted with lacerations […]

Truth Is, Lindsey Vonn Is a Golden Olympic Tale

If there was one noticeable thing about the British Columbia, it was Lindsey Vonn aptly renaming the site of the competition Vonncouver. We’ve been welcomed to witness the Golden Girl, relight romance at the Winter Games after battling adversity and hapless memories during the course of her Olympic career. But now, she embraces the delight […]

Sidney Crosby Might Be the Finest Symbol of Canada

Of all the sporting events taking place in the Winter Games, none are greater and more exhilarating than Team Canada. In an atmosphere where hockey hails and is predominately recognized within a culture that created an interesting sport on ice, there’s nothing more content than witnessing Team Canada potentially win a gold medal on its […]

Needed Big Man

When big men Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla were out for the season with injuries, the Portland Trailblazers were needed with a big man in the paint besides power forward LaMarcus Aldridge. Now just recently, the Blazers just made a deal to ship off point guard Steve Blake and forward Travis Outlaw to the Los […]