Start of Something New: Can The Bucks Finish Off The Hawks?

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Milwaukee hasn't made it to the playoffs for awhile. This year is different for them. Michael Redd was gone but Brandon Jennings came in and delivered.He was slick. Smooth. Unstoppable. And he was only a rookie.Andrew Bogut helped out and Luc Mbah-a-Moute flourished. All is going good. Now in the first round of the playoffs, many expect their season will end there. Whoah, … [Read more...]

JaMarcus Russell Is a Laughable Bust As Raiders Are Mired in Disarray

The common word, of course, is 'bust'. And the simplest way to describe the Oakland Raiders is a worthless, pathetic, chaotic franchise mired in disarray. If there was ever a proper time to bash an enigmatic front office that has made some of the dumbest blunders as far as draft picks goes, now marks a suitable time to critique the Raiders' draft selection.His name, of course, … [Read more...]

Lakers Keep Us Guessing, Kobe’s Toughness Keeps Hope Alive

What, the team representing Hollywood has finally awakened?If the Lakers establish the difference between a riddle and legitimacy, then maybe celebrities and non-celebs in L.A. will understand the minds of a defending champ.So now, we are left in a mystery in a year the Lakers wilted and deteriorated to the younger and inexperienced Oklahoma City Thunder, a team that has broken … [Read more...]

The ‘Durantula’ Kevin Durant Hijacks NBA’s Spectacle, Thunder Will Beat Lakers

We’re witnessing an NBA postseason of drama with an unexpected franchise residing in Oklahoma City, where the crowd intensifies the loudest frenzies at Ford Center, arguably the clamorous building in the league. Whoever predicted that an erratic postseason would be entertained with action-packed, dramatic performances of Kevin Durant, the league’s youngest scoring champ and now … [Read more...]

Quit Dreaming: D-Wade Ain’t Leavin’ the Miami Heat

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Why do people keep thinking that Dwyane Wade will be leaving the Miami Heat? I mean, seriously, come on!Wade has done so much for the Heat and won the Finals with them. He won't leave the Heat. He's been making the playoffs with this team recently and is building a new team here with new weapons.First of all, there was only one bad season for this Miami team recently, which was … [Read more...]

Broncos’ McDaniels Takes a Gamble On Tebow, But Might Be a Good Pick

It’s fair to judge that the Denver Broncos gambled, a heavy burden many NFL franchises take every year. It’s a franchise equivalent to Oakland of making a fool of itself in the NFL Draft, even though it remains a mystery as to whether Tim Tebow develops and flourishes as an immediate impact at quarterback in the NFL.Whenever critics and skeptics do the Broncos a favor, and quit … [Read more...]

NBA Rumor Talk: Bosh to Thunder?

The latest rumors among the offseason that is coming is of Raptors' PF going to the Oklahoma City Thunder.Oh, whoops, let me rephrase that really quickly: of former Raptors' PF going to the...Yes, Raptor fans, Chris Bosh will be leaving Toronto. He's done a lot there and I know you probably will miss him. But Bosh needs a team that can take him to the playoffs. I know … [Read more...]