{Hello, first of all let me introduce myself, I’m Cyrus 99 & this is my very first article on Sportsnation.} Like all of you, I have been following the NBA playoffs religiously for the past three weeks or so and I admit I’m pretty pleased with the way things have turned out. The funny thing […]

Lakers-Celtics Rivalry Renewed: You Wished Upon a Rivalry and Got It

The fiercest scorer in basketball wasn’t wearing a scowl on his face, one of the most formidable facial expressions in sports, but he was ultimately instrumental in a critical Game Six on the road. He seemed much too earnest in a hostile environment, the atmosphere where inhospitable fans chanted unpleasantly at Kobe Bryant. It wasn’t […]

Ron Artest Salvages Must-Needed Win for Lakers, Overshadows Any Tumults

There are times, such as moments when someone needs a wondrous moment to avoid doubts and ongoing criticism, realizing that he was viewed as a narcissistic nutcase with problematic outbursts throughout his troubling seasons in the NBA. Labeled as a miserable thug for initiating bizarre melees during games by losing it on the floor and […]

There’s No Mirage in Desert: Phoenix Suns Eclipse Lakers-Celtics Dream

It happened unexpectedly, amid a boring and dense postseason. When it seemed the Los Angeles Lakers were too talented, and would eventually sweep the Phoenix Suns. But the defending champs are once again perceived as a lingering riddle, with the annoying up and down meltdowns at critical situations. Perhaps we spoke too quickly, without acknowledging […]

If Phil Jackson Desires Coaching Please Ignore the Hearsay In Chicago

The entire world recognizes that he’s one of the most decorated coaches in the NBA by accomplishing more than the average coach. Aside from all the LeBron James melodrama captivating the attention as he becomes a free agent this summer, the Chicago Bulls are pursuing in an extreme makeover to revamp around a young and […]

Magic’s Weaknesses Unveil Anything But Magical Touch in Legitimate Test

In a postseason with dull routs and lopsided finishes, the Orlando Magic, once regarded as the emerging franchise with the next dominant big man in one of the largest cities, all of a sudden has been deprived of creating a magical sequence, similar to the one a year ago, when the Magic earned a bid […]

I Speak Prematurely: Lakers-Boston Celtics in an Epic Theater For the Ages

Before the NBA season comes to a closure, the people obsessed with sports are anxiously ready to see an epic showdown among two franchises with bad blood, and wishing to badmouth each other in a physical clash. This has been an uninteresting postseason of ills and very little excitement, besieged with all the uncertainty and […]