Sam Bradford’s Unproven Riches Asinine: NFL Needs to Implement System

In the sense that our society is engaged in money and earning a decent amount, we are shortsighted by committing fraud, armed robberies, extorting the system, and handing unproven athletes ridiculous paychecks. As you probably know by now, Sam Bradford, the highly-regarded No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft, finally agreed to terms on […]

Amaro Delivers Again For Phillies with Oswalt Deal

It must have been agonizing coming to work and taking the mound every five days as the notable ace on a formidable roster in Houston and realizing misery reducing the reliance and excitement. They are a perfect landing spot for the disgruntled Roy Oswalt, a veteran right-hander who needed a change of scenery and a […]

The Latest Reality Show: Terrell Owens Drama Airing in Cincinnati

The latest reality show called T.O. Drama hijacks the airwaves in Cincinnati, beyond all the possible circumstances of dividing as a bonding core and plunging mightily at the earliest of September, becoming the epicenter of arguably the biggest tragicomedy in sports. It’s a risky combination and the most perilous experiment in football, assembling together diva-like […]

Lane Kiffin Welcomes in Sins at USC, But Overlooks Red Flags

Here in the origin of Southern California, a prestigious university is tattered in tremendous dysfunction and tainted with all the latest sanctions and scandals at USC. But it turns out Lane Kiffin is back in the news as horrid headlines surfaced of the scrutinized coach, hated for fleeing a program after recruiting nine prospects and […]

Andre Dawson Obtains Hall Pass On a Day Worthiness Is Answered

On this heartwarming day, as the raindrops fell softly before a beautiful rainbow glowed overhead at the baseball town known as Cooperstown, maybe it was the endearing, informal speech, or maybe it was his posture when he took the podium humbled, hearing his name enshrined into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. There were times, […]

Reggie Bush Void of Heisman Because of Greed: Prestige Dwindles at USC

Somewhere this week, a gifted running back is dropping his head in shame. With all the sanctions tarnishing USC a once-prestigious atmosphere for exquisite athleticism and higher education is now defaced of self-destruction and embarrassment because of arrogance and indulgence. But with all the turmoil poisoning a regal university, casting gloom over the spacious campus, […]

NCAA Waited Late to Crack Down on Hypocrisy, Conspiracy

If there is any ultimate hypocrisy denting collegiate sports, it’s because of the apathy and recklessness of the NCAA. The same committee that allowed much to poison the prestigious image of college football, wasn’t historically stern enough to investigate a repulsive ongoing scandal. Before the recent revelations of wannabe or legit sports agents lavishing student-athletes […]