Just Not the Right Fit: Boxers Should Learn a Lesson from Playing the MMA, Like James Toney

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Champion boxer James Toney decided to call it quits from the sport to endure a career in Mixed Martial Arts. He would face Randy Couture in his debut, and boy did he get it handed to him. Toney was getting beaten so bad that they had to call the fight done early. This was the first time something like this happened to him.In the MMA, if you all you are going to do is be a … [Read more...]

Hoosiers’ Football Plans To Prove Naysayers Wrong

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It has always been known that the Indiana Hoosiers sports programs are mostly known for their high-class basketball team. They have had a rich history with them, winning multiple NCCA championship titles and with the likes of Bobby Knight and such. But the school's football program has been known for very little.IU has had their moments in football, most recently going to the … [Read more...]

Tiger’s Divorce Helps Game, However Woods Has Been In Decline

It was an unhealthy marriage that diminished the untouchable game of Tiger Woods, with havoc and tension diagnosing a precarious relationship in shambles. Every once in a while in a sport, a well-known athlete struggles finding rhythm and loses swagger when burdens of the personal life evoke countless interruptions, which publicly affects the well-being of a well-respected … [Read more...]

Patrick Ewing Jr. Signs with Knicks: Can It Really Be Like Father Like Son?

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NEW YORK—The New York Knicks signed a familiar face and a face that brought back memories a decade ago. They signed Patrick Ewing Jr., again. As a start out of Georgetown, the Knicks signed him to a deal. Terms of the deal were not announced, according to the reports.Ewing Jr. was drafted by the Sacramento Kings as the 43rd overall pick of the 2008 NBA Draft. After a series of … [Read more...]

Johnny Damon Needs To Return Home: Boston Is Where The Heart Is

If you’ve wondered why a former baseball team is calling and begging, why the large-market Red Sox franchise is finally targeting the hitting specialist in a return that seems very valuable and useful in the friendly confines of Boston, it’s because he had been classified as a hero in a place where the enthusiastic fans idolize and worship baseball.Suddenly, Johnny Damon knows … [Read more...]

Michael Jordan Re-Unites With Kwame Brown: Hopes to Make Adjustments to His First Ever Acquisition

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CHARLOTTE—Back in the 2001 NBA Draft, things were going all good for the Washington Wizards. And it was all hype for them as they held the number one pick and had the biggest name in basketball: Michael Jordan. As head of basketball operations, it was up to Jordan to decide who Washington should draft.A brief workout was held and at the end, MJ had to decide between two … [Read more...]

Matt Leinart More Celebrity Bust Than Football Benefactor

The terrible convergence in sports is ultimately fixated on appearance and sex apparel, rather than the game itself for the exposure of athletes who are mentioned for semblance and celebrity. So now, we’re confronted by arguably another bust in football, and he’s not your ordinary bust, but a celebrity bust. This is the age when sports figures are discovered in tabloids either … [Read more...]