Tampa Bay Rays Misunderstand Fans: It’s Not a Personal, But an Economic Downturn

Bombarded by economic downturns in Florida, unemployment rates are at an all-time high, the average citizen’s income has deflated and the Tampa Bay Rays are the least important in Florida these days. The sea of empty seats at Tropicana Field on Monday, even on the upper deck in an abominable dome not fitting for a […]

Being Number One in the NBA: It’s All About the Image

Kevin Durant is currently tearing it up in the basketball world lately. He is just coming off some great seasons in the NBA, along with being the youngest player to win the scoring-title, in which he did just last season. He also led Team USA to beat Hedo Turkoglu and Turkey in the FIBA World […]

Hungry Chicago Bears No Longer Hibernate, but Legitimize Conviction

If the facet of life presents full of surprises, it could be the elusive, unforeseen fairy tales happening before our very eyes in the NFL. In sports, when you witness a sense of unpredictability or surrealism, it’s normally a funny trend that happens every season. It’s hard to believe the Chiefs are 3-0. It’s hard […]

Ryan Mallett’s Costly Blunders Devastate Arkansas

This could have been the biggest upset on the year in college football, and because Arkansas is the emergence on turf, as a beautiful story in the game, an upset was brewing. So now, as quickly as the Razorbacks had the top-ranked team in the nation, the dark horses fall out of bowl contention when […]

No Josh Hamilton: Power Rangers Too Powerless

His name is familiar and critical amid an unthinkable postseason push, and without Josh Hamilton, the comeback kid in baseball for restoring humankind and inspiration following a remorseful recovery a few years ago before he almost self-destructed, the Texas Rangers are doomed unless their superstar suddenly uplifts the psyche of a favorable club from imploding. […]

Eagles QB Controversy Is Worth Putting to Rest: Michael Vick Is Right For Job

A lot of us raised our eyebrows at the recent news coming out of Philly, at a time when desperate times calls for desperate measures, at a time when the Philadelphia Eagles are battered in an ugly quarterback controversy and at a time when head coach Andy Reid finally made up his damn mind and […]

Michael Vick Could Be the Next Best Thing That Has Happened to Andy Reid Since Donovan McNabb

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Andy Reid probably saw his first, great glimpse of the unstoppable, flying Michael Vick back in the 2005 NFC Championship game. Vick would lead his underrated Atlanta Falcons to the NFC title game, only to face a solid quarterback in Donovan McNabb, and his company of the brotherly love Philadelphia Eagles. The next season, however, […]

Mark Sanchez Leads Jets, Gets Even With Patriots: This Sends a Statement

For a moment, the world laughed at the New York Jets, one of the most appealing franchises in the NFL labeled as the most overrated franchise, based on its abysmal and humiliating performance in a prime-time meeting with the Baltimore Ravens. One day soon, the team in the Meadowlands is likely to blossom as an […]

The Latest of Jacory Harris Shows That Racism Is Still a Problem, Even In Sports

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Jacory Harris had a very disappointing game when the Miami Hurricanes took on Terrelle Pryor and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Harris tossed four interceptions in the team’s loss. Although there had to be a negativity said about Harris, one man went overboard. The man sent a Twitter message to Harris’s Twitter account, saying that the […]

Patriots-Jets: A Bitter War Sends a Reality Check to Lackluster Jets

It doesn’t take long, just unforeseen drivel and everlasting trash talk, before a long-awaited Sunday sends each team into a bitter clash and lures television viewers, as the game of the weekend is Patriots vs. Jets, a pair of teams set to meet on a collision course in a late afternoon war. So now, it’s […]

To Rid Unsavory Transgressions, Bruce Pearl Has To Vanish

There was a savory smell not long ago from every barbecue joint in Tennessee, the delicious taste that left the folks in the south believing strongly in the Tennessee Volunteers and head coach Bruce Pearl, a custodian the die-hard fans trusted in and gathered to feast on pork shoulders, beef brisket, smoked turkey, ribs and […]

San Francisco 49ers Embarrassed in Seattle: What Was Learned From This Ugly Game

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This was the year the San Francisco 49ers were supposed to take the NFC West by storm. Alex Smith finally had an offensive coordinator around for a consecutive season and big things were going to be coming from the offense with Michael Crabtree, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Josh Morgan, and the addition of Ted Ginn […]

Dallas Cowboys’ Melodrama Is Needless: They Are America’s Most Overrated Team

In the midst of all the overhyped rubbish and melodrama heard this season, the Dallas Cowboys are still faced with absolute anxiety. The celebration of their 50th-anniversary is beginning with a disappointing loss, a contest in which the storied franchise was ineffective against its archrivals the Washington Redskins, committing careless miscues that defines the Cowboys […]

Though the Eagles Lost to the Packers, Michael Vick Shows Promise; Should Be Full-Time Starter

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 Usually there are some things you do that you realize later that you really did something bad. It’s one of those times where you forget about the consequences that lie ahead of you. Something that you will regret or a long, long time. That happened to Michael Vick. But for everybody, they deserve a second […]