I Can’t Feel Sorry For The Yankees

The New York Yankees have been very quiet during free agency. They’ve signed no marquee players or made any blockbuster trades. News of the Philadelphia Phillies signing Cliff Lee was a big surprise to a lot. Including the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees. The Yankees money couldn’t get him to the Big Apple. They practically offered […]

Chicago Bears: Looking Ahead To Address Team Needs After 2010

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Only the most optimistic of the Chicago Bears Kool-Aid drinkers thought this current Bears team would be in first place with an easy chance at double digit wins this late in the season. In fact, most fans were thinking that this might be Lovie Smith’s final season as head coach. Instead, this resilient Bears squad […]

Time For Change: 5 NFL Stadiums That Need A Change Soon

When you compare stadiums like Cowboys Stadium, New Meadowlands Stadium, and Lucas Oil Stadium, to many of the NFL’s current stadiums, there is no wonder why many of these teams are in need of new places to play. Fans and players alike are feeling that some of these stadiums need major renovations or even need […]

Nets Trade Joe Smith, Terrence Williams to Lakers, Rockets for Sasha Vujacic and Draft Picks

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 When I first looked at the news, I gasped: The Los Angeles Lakers are acquiring Terrence Williams! No way. But it appears that the New Jersey Net’ young stud will be heading to Houston to play with the Rockets in a three-way deal that went down today. Williams was sent to Houston while the Lakers […]

Oregon, Auburn Unveil Uniform Wrinkles

Oregon and Auburn will both have some fancy new duds to trot out for the BCS championship game. Auburn will be going with new cleats designed by Underamour. Oregon will be going with something a little more familiar, except for the socks. As you can see, around the numbers is a brighter green. Just like those […]

A Tale of Three Quarterbacks

In an unnamed NFL Draft not too long ago, there was a quarterback prospect who put up incredible numbers during his collegiate career. For now, we’ll call him QB1. Despite his outstanding college run, NFL Scouts and NFL General Managers questioned his lack of arm strength and his unorthodox side-arm throwing motion. He ended up […]

Cliff Lee Returns to the Phillies! World Series Next for Philadelphia?

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Cliff Lee spurned the New York Yankees and the Texas Rangers for a return to the Philadelphia Phillies! Are the Phils your World Series favorites? What happens to the Yankees and Rangers?http://www.youtube.com/v/EQ7udX0AVu0?fs=1&hl=en_USBy JR

Brett Favre Consecutive Start Streak Ends: Favre’s Most Impressive Records Held

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Brett Favre’s record streak of consecutive games started will come to an end at 297 as he’s been ruled inactive for the Minnesota Vikings game against the New York Giants today. In honor of his accomplishment, I’ve decided to rank his most impressive records. Where does his starting streak rank? Let’s find out. 7. Career […]

Sal Alosi Got Just Punishment, Lucky to Still have Job

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Sal Alosi the New York Jets strength and conditioning coach has been suspended for the remainder of the season including the playoffs according Associated Press, not only was he suspended he was also fined $25,000 and is not allowed to have any contact with the team. The Jets acted swiftly in punishment and the NFL […]