Kevin Durant: "Chris Bosh Is a Fake Tough Guy"

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Kevin Durant's Oklahoma City Thunder recently faced Chris Bosh's Miami Heat. After the team's close loss with them, Durant had a few words to say about the team's power forward."I was talking to my teammate and he decided he wanted to put his 2 cents into it. I'm a quiet guy, a laid-back guy, but I'm not going to let nobody talk trash to me. He's on a good team now, so he … [Read more...]

Ron Artest To Drop Mixtape Feat. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Monica, Etc.

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Ron Artest has been known for rapping. Just recently, he dropped a hit single called "Champions" after his Lakers won the NBA Finals. It then got featured on the video game, NBA 2K11.Now, before the All-Star game comes up, Artest plans to put up a mixtape before the weekend starts, according to the Los Angeles Times.“There’s going to be a bunch of celebrities on it,” Artest … [Read more...]

Derrick Rose: "My Back Is Killing Me!"

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It can't be too easy for Derrick Rose to be balling this hard. Rose has been leading the Bulls to the top of the Eastern Conference and the NBA. He is also on his way to possibly becoming the MVP.However, after a game, he told the following:“My back is killing me right now. We’ve got time to rest, get treatment, and hopefully it will heal by the time we play … [Read more...]

Wizards Call-Up Mustafa Shakur

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Fan House reports that the Washington Wizards have called up Rio Grande Valley Vipers' point guard, Mustafa Shakur. Shakur has played with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Sacramento Kings, too. He is also known to play with the Tulsa 66ers and the Arizona Wildcats in college.Shakur said in the interview with Fan House that he may be able to play tonight for Washington as they … [Read more...]

Carmelo Anthony Is Lacking Something…Patience

It's his ultimate dream, huh?Yeah, okay.As you all know, Denver Nuggets' star Carmelo Anthony has already let everyone know that he clearly wants to leave his team. It's no surprise. It's no secret. We all know that he wants to go the New York Knicks.But it's right now not possible. The Knicks don't have the right assets. The only way they can get Anthony is if they are able to … [Read more...]

Is Michael Beasley Hoarding?

MINNESOTA -- Okay people, you may not want to take this very seriously. I can ensure you that Michael Beasley is not some crazy hoarder.But Kevin Love did say the following tweet: I need to twit pic Mike Beasleys locker...I'm gonna pitch to do a full episode of "Hoarders" on A & E just on that alone...its a problem Let's hope it's not as bad as Mr. Garrison: … [Read more...]