Gonzaga’s Goodson Leaving To Pursue Football

Gonzaga's Demetri Goodson is the latest to trade in his high tops for football cleats. A few weeks ago Tennesee's Melvin Goins was trying to make the transition to the gridiron, now Goodson is doing the same. Goodson informed coach Mark Few of his decision on Tuesday. He also could have two years of football eligibility left.“I have decided to pursue football next year,” … [Read more...]

Shaq’s Health Holds Series in the Balance

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If you want to talk x-factor’s, there probably isn’t more of an x-factor than Shaquille O’Neal. They might as well put his picture beside the definition on Urban Dictionary. Then the kids will understand.Shaq has been struggling with calf problems the past three months and his missed all five Celtic playoff games so far. Even though Shaq scrimmaged on Monday he is … [Read more...]

Chris Douglas-Roberts Has A Different Perspective About Bin Laden’s Death

When the death of Osama Bin Laden was announced plenty of Americans took to the streets in celebration. It was for good reason, as our military finally took down the 9/11 mastermind. Milwaukee Bucks forward Chris Douglas-Roberts wasn't one that was celebrating.CDR took to Twitter to voice his opinion and it wasn't well received to say the least.Is this a celebration?? Is … [Read more...]

Renaldo Woolridge aka "Swiperboy" Releases Song Praising Troops

Tennessee Volunteers basketball player, Renaldo Woolridge aka "Swiperboy", is an aspiring rap artist. With the turn of events surrounding the death of Osama Bin Laden, Woolridge released a song praising our American military.Pretty good song. I can't even say anything cynical or critical about it. Good job Renaldo. By Chris Edwards … [Read more...]

Charlie Bell Had A Rough Weekend

Former Michigan State player and current Golden State Warrior, Charlie Bell had a rough weekend. His estranged wife Kenya Bell was charged with assaulting him with a box cutter at his home in Grand Blanc Township home. There aren't too many details about the case, except that their two children were present at the time of attack. The Genesee County prosecutor says Kenya Bell … [Read more...]

Good Vibes in South Beach, If Dwyane Wade Dictates Series


The crowd in the stands, lathered in Miami white, stood as Dwyane Wade posed for the cameras and dived into the spectators as he stormed for the ball in the second half, where the celebrities watched amazingly. The celebs, such as P. Diddy, Gloria Estefan and Drake, gathered near courtside to soak in a wave of excitement and intense drama, easily hypnotized by the … [Read more...]