Shutout for the Ninth time Already Gerald Perry Should be in theUnemployment Line

Tonight marked the halfway point for the Oakland A’s season and after 81 games the offense still has not awakened from its slumber. The A’s were shutout for the ninth time this season with Ricky Nolasco earning his second career shutout. Even worse has been the last seven games where the A’s have scored a […]

McCourt Stains Dodgers, a Renowned Franchise in Tatters

It’s not Bud Selig’s responsibility, dare I say it, to feel sorry for a man who sabotaged a storied franchise in the hillsides of Los Angeles, just so he can pocket money, then ruin his image by greediness and selfishness in a community that scorns embattled owner Frank McCourt. However, it is the commissioner’s job […]

Mark Cuban is Perfect for the Dodgers

It may have taken a while but Mark Cuban brought a championship to the Dallas Mavericks. He could do the same for the LA Dodgers. Bud Selig is a stubborn man. A gentleman of his age, and I use that term lightly, has trouble adapting to new situations. Selig wants to stick with what he […]

Louisville CB Ashley Suspended Indefinitely

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Louisville junior cornerback Darius Ashley recently received his second DUI in six months and usually that spells doom for a student-athlete. You know how it goes, player committs crime or in this case gets a second DUI and gets kicked off the team and is left trying to find a school and convincing the adminstrationn that he’s worth […]

Romar Unlikely To Leave Washington

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When the Minnesota Timberwolves fired Kurt Rambis one of the names floated out there to be the new coach was the University of Washington’s Lorenzo Romar. However Romar has no plans on leaving Seattle anytime soon and it sounds like he has no desire to coach in the NBA in the foreseeable future. In an interview […]

2011 NBA Draft: Handing Out Awards For Picks

Despite being seen as one of the ‘weaker’ drafts in NBA history, the 2011 Draft was one of the more watched off-season events in league history.  It was fairly uneventful in terms of trades and league shakeups, partially due to the impending lockout, but it’s a draft that will impact play next year.  It was […]

Joe West Hands Phillies A Gift, Phillies Take Advantage

The Oakland A’s lost 1-0 to the Philadelphia Phillies on Friday night. It was an excellent pitching matchup between the two teams, but the game will be overshadowed by the man calling balls and strikes, Joe West. Why isn’t it that surpising that West is in the middle of a horrific call? He is Major […]

Donovan McNabb Isn’t Too Fond Of Twitter

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I thought I was the only one that is anti-Twitter. I actually don’t mind it, it’s just that I really don’t care to hear about every detail of someone else’s life. I also feel that it gets athletes and entertainers in trouble. When they say something that’s on their mind they often speak before they speak. Apparently […]

Kevin Durant:Next In The Line Of Candidates For G.O.A.T Honor?

Talented, humble, skilled, hard worker and a leader. Those are the words that can best describe Thunders’ forward, Kevin Durant who by all accounts looks that he’s going to be a legendary player. You might call me crazy for even thinking that Durant could end up as a candidate for the honor of the Greatest […]