Shutout for the Ninth time Already Gerald Perry Should be in theUnemployment Line

Tonight marked the halfway point for the Oakland A’s season and after 81 games the offense still has not awakened from its slumber. The A’s were shutout for the ninth time this season with Ricky Nolasco earning his second career shutout. Even worse has been the last seven games where the A’s have scored a […]

The Possible Domino Effect of An NBA Lockout

We all know that the lockout affects players and owners. Advertisers. Fans. Media. The lockout will slow everything related to the NBA down. Let’s look at some things the will come as a domino effect. NBA web sites can’t use players on their web sites. Apparently, if the NBA does lockout happen; team sites will […]

NFL Power Rankings: 5 Super Bowl Contenders Who Must Win Now

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The NFL consists of a handful of teams such as the New England Patriots or Atlanta Falcons that have been flirting with Super Bowl contention. However, they typically have a small window where they must capitalize on their opportunity to win a Lombardi Trophy. There are a series of reasons why a team could just drop off […]

McCourt Stains Dodgers, a Renowned Franchise in Tatters

It’s not Bud Selig’s responsibility, dare I say it, to feel sorry for a man who sabotaged a storied franchise in the hillsides of Los Angeles, just so he can pocket money, then ruin his image by greediness and selfishness in a community that scorns embattled owner Frank McCourt. However, it is the commissioner’s job […]

Mark Cuban is Perfect for the Dodgers

It may have taken a while but Mark Cuban brought a championship to the Dallas Mavericks. He could do the same for the LA Dodgers. Bud Selig is a stubborn man. A gentleman of his age, and I use that term lightly, has trouble adapting to new situations. Selig wants to stick with what he […]