Monthly Archives: September 2011

Terry Francona Takes the Blame In the End of His Regime

He was an hour earlier than expected for his meeting with the Red Sox, which was absolutely acceptable by the franchise. When Terry Francona drove his 2005 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class SL65 AMG to Fenway Park for a lengthy meeting with general manager Theo Epstein and team executives, he probably felt the tension, given the September orgy

Fox Sports Sues Dodgers to End TV Rights

Fox Sports sued the Dodgers late Tuesday due to the proposed television rights sale that owner Frank McCourt claimed is his solution to break away from bankruptcy. Just recently, Fox Sports Net West requested for a Delaware bankruptcy judge to turn down proposed sales of the Dodgers’ television rights, after the team have breached their

Brendan Shanahan — It’s About Time

Where was this all along? For over a decade fans and players have had to deal with the fingernails on the chalkboard inconsistency and spinelessness of Colin Campbell as NHL’s principal disciplinarian. Not anymore. The saviour is here and his name is Brendan Shanahan. Following James Wisniewski’s excessively late hit on Minnesota Wild forward Cal

Wingspan: What Qualifies as “Freakish” in the NBA?

Every June during the NBA Draft, we routinely hear Jay Bilas gush about the crazy arm length that incoming NBA prospects possess. This year Bilas mixed up his body part wonderment and analysis, but it’s a considerable part of the job as wingspan is largely the focus of most prospects outside of size, weight, athleticism

Arvydas Sabonis Suffers A Heart Attack

Former Portland Trailblazers big man Arvydas Sabonis suffered a heart attack in his native country of Lithuania while playing basketball. He was rushed to the hospital and is believed to be in stable condition. The Trailblazers issued a press release confirming Sabonis’ status. “The Portland Trail Blazers have confirmed that Arvydas Sabonis has been hospitalized after suffering

Thoughts From Doc Gooden

Since he has lots of idle time on his hands, Doc Gooden has lots of random thoughts going through his mind. About what, I don’t know. Except for this tidbit that he somehow has an “inside scoop” on where Albert Pujols may land in free agency. Look for Albert Pujols to follow Ozzie Guillen to Florida

It’s Only Fair for Vick to Blame Himself

There’s something disturbingly troubling about Michael Vick. The more he is paid, the more he suffers a siege of injuries, which undermines the “Dream Team” and the Philadelphia Eagles in flourishing among the most unpredictable NFC East contender. In the aftermath of Vick’s diagnosis, he sustained a bruised right hand and not nearly worth the