Jerry Sloan Withdraws From Consideration in Bobcats Head Coach Job

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Jerry Sloan has reportedly withdrawn from consideration into being the new head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats.According to the Associated Press, Charlotte is now down to only Indiana Pacers assistant Brian Shaw and Los Angeles Lakers assistant Quin Snyder.It seems like Sloan was tired of waiting on Michael Jordan and the Bobcats, and I don't think it was a smart decision at … [Read more...]

Former Sonics Such as Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp Show Up in Rally for Seattle to Get NBA Team

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Seattle basketball fans haven't been the same since they lost their beloved franchise of the SuperSonics. Now the team resides in Oklahoma City and holds the name of the Thunder, who are competing for an NBA title against the Miami Heat.An ESPN SportsNation poll asked fans on who would win the NBA Finals and the only states who had the Heat as the majority to win were Florida … [Read more...]

2012 NBA Finals: Lil Wayne Causes Problems at Thunder Game, Made Little Girl Cry

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Apparently, Lil Wayne is too full himself. The rapper has already caused enough problems with the Oklahoma City Thunder at their arena.For Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Wayne tweeted that the OKC staff was still treating him like "sh**" and decided to root for the Miami Heat. However, what he did in Game 2 made things a lot worse for Weezy.According to, a … [Read more...]

Talk Show Host Warns Russell Westbrook for Wearing Red Glasses

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Talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael is issuing a warning to Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook of him wearing red glasses. The host of the show Sally is telling Westbrook of not going too far with it, as it could be greatly annoying.According to TIME:Raphael, 77, had no clue who Russell Westbrook was, or that basketball fans were invoking her name across the … [Read more...]

Tony Parker Injured in Fight Between Chris Brown and Drake at New York Club

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According to Direct Star, San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker was injured during a fight between Chris Brown and Drake at a club in New York.The fight happened between Brown's friends and Drake's friends as they fought over -- guess who? -- Rihanna!Parker was injured and won't be able to train for seven days after getting broken glass in the eye. The party featured both … [Read more...]

College Girl Who Had Oral Surgery Wants to See Eli Manning

A college girl named Jessica Gormley was coming off oral surgery and had to have a drug in her during the procedure.Apparently, she was so messed up that all she wanted was to see New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning after it.Take a look at the hilarity in the video above.Josh Dhani is the founder of FootBasket. You can read more about him at his website. Follow him on … [Read more...]

2012 NBA Finals: Chris Bosh, Ronny Turiaf Derp It Up on Postgame Handshake

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After a solid Game 2 victory for the Miami Heat over the Oklahoma City Thunder Thursday night, big men Chris Bosh and Ronny Turiaf tried to celebrate with a handshake after the game.However, they failed miserably on it and just derped it up. Really, no word to describe that. Just "derp."Take a look in the video above.The series is tied 1-1. Bosh played well in his first time … [Read more...]