Uncle Drew Returns for a Sequel and Brings a Friend This Time (Video)

Who doesn’t love ole’ Uncle Drew? Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving‘s Pepsi MAX and YouTube sensation returns for a sequel and this time he brought a friend. His friend, Wes or you might know him as Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love. Also, making an appearance is Boston Celtics all-time great, Bill Russell. Take a look at […]

Three Reasons Why Josh Hamilton Could Sign with the Brewers

This year’s free agent market may be slim on depth, but it does not lack a main attraction with Josh Hamilton set to hit the open market. Hamilton hit a career-high 43 home runs this past season, but a slew of late season miscues have affected his marking price. While he isn’t the safest of off-season additions, […]

Why the Dodgers Drastically Overpaid Brandon League

Los Angeles Dodgers GM Ned Colletti continues to add credence to the old saying that it’s easier to spend other people’s money. Just months after acquiring more than $250 million in contracts from the Boston Red Sox, Colletti continued to be penny wise and pound foolish, signing serviceable backend reliever Brandon League to a three-year […]

Dwyane Wade Says Rajon Rondo’s Move Was a "Punk Play"

If the Miami Heat-Boston Celtics rivalry didn’t have enough flavor to satisfy your taste before Tuesday night, maybe this will help. The Heat had a successful opening night to their tittle defense season by taking down their arch-rival Celtics, 120-107. With 16.9 seconds left in a game that was well out of reach for the […]

Celtics Fans, Why You Mad?

Am I the only one confused on why Boston Celtics fans and players are mad over the departure of Ray Allen. The writing had clearly been on the wall for some time. There was the almost trade to the Memphis Grizzlies earlier in the year, there was the tension between him and Rajon Rondo and finally […]

Predicting This Season’s NBA Award Winners and Champions

The NBA season is set to tip-off Tuesday night and only few things can make a fan happier. The start of the season gives fans hope that this just might be the year their respective team is able to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to win an NBA championship. Unlike last season, the players […]

Giants Win World Series for the Ages

The 2012 San Francisco Giants can be described in various ways. They were exciting, quirky, hard-working, and persevering to name a few. Pablo Sandoval, when asked of a word that could describe the team, he said, “Heart”. After all the team went through, this was the absolute perfect word to describe what the team was […]