Pacers Get Destroyed at Home by Miami Heat, Drop Fourth Straight

It was not a pretty game for the Indiana Pacers. After losing their third straight game from the Grizzlies on Saturday, Indiana was expecting to put up a fight versus the Miami Heat at home last night.

Boy was I wrong.

Danny Granger went out early in the game after injuring his ankle, which left Indy in a huge hole. In fact, they were already losing big even with him still. With that, Indiana ended up losing, 105-90.

LeBron James scored 23 points and nine assists, leading the Heat with several highlight plays.

As for the Pacers, it was nothing but a nightmare. I don’t even want to go into details, because we all know how this game went. It was so bad, that the leading scorer for the Pacers only had 14 points, which was David West and Paul George.

The Pacers definitely need to step up their game when they head to Cleveland tonight. If they lose this, it’s not going to look good for them. They are already 17-11, which doesn’t look so good now if they keep up this losing.

It’s going to be a must-win tonight. Get the win, Indy.

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