Kevin Durant Rips Skip Bayless, Says He "Doesn’t Know a Thing About Basketball"

Whenever you think about the negatives of ESPN, one of the big things that pop to your head is ESPN First Take’s Skip Bayless, who always makes dumb statements on the show and acts like he just doesn’t know a clue about the sport. He’s also the guy who has a little too much of an obsession for Tim Tebow.

Kevin Durant, like many others, took a shot at the TV personality, saying that he doesn’t know a thing about basketball.

Here are the full quotes from, via I Am a GM:

“That guy doesn’t know a thing about basketball,” Durant said of Bayless before the Thunder faced Memphis on Monday night.


“We’re worse when I take more shots,” Durant said. “Like I said, that guy doesn’t know a thing. I don’t think he watches us. I think he just looks at the stats.


“I’ll stick up for all my guys, especially against a guy that I have never seen at an NBA game before. It just starts to get sickening when you hear somebody talk about your teammate like that almost every day. So I’ll stick up for him every single day.”

Thank you, KD! Now we need more athletes to come out and speak the same thing, since they surely have the same opinion.

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