• Are the Raptors Trying to Acquire Rudy Gay?

    by FootBasket on Wednesday, January 9, 2013

    Rudy Gay Raptors

    According to ESPN’s Marc Stein’s newest report the Toronto Raptors are the latest team to talk to the Memphis Grizzlies about acquiring the services of the talented forward.

    More information  on which players the Raptors are willing to offer and more:

    Sources told ESPN.com this week that the Raptors — who tried to make a play for Gay before the 2012 NBA Draft — remain seriously “interested” in the Grizzlies’ leading scorer and are trying to assemble trade packages to bring the 26-year-old to Toronto after preliminary talks with Memphis.

    Among the trade chips that the Raptors are believed to be dangling, in addition to draft considerations, are veteran point guard Jose Calderon (who possesses an expiring contract worth $10.6 million) and young big man Ed Davis.

    The Raptors are the latest team to want Gay, but the Grizzlies have already talked with the Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings and the Golden State Warriors.

    I personally like this trade for both teams. The Grizzlies need a better back-up point guard than Jerryd Bayless and Calderon can fill that role perfectly. Calderon also has chemistry with Marc Gasol from playing with him on Spain’s national team. Ed Davis is a good young player that can back-up Zach Randolph. Also, some future picks are always good to have.

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