blake griffin 2014 all star game

Blake Griffin’s Evolution From Overrated Player To MVP Candidate

When the Los Angeles Clippers suffered a bitter first round defeat to Zach Randolph and the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2012-13 NBA playoffs, many fans questioned Blake Griffin’s game. Comments like “he can only dunk” and “Chris Paul makes him look better than he really is” seemed to flood social media.

Even before the series started, NBA fans thought that Griffin was one of, if not the most overrated player in the NBA.

Well, so much for that. Right now Blake is having the best season of his career. With the Clippers on the verge of winning their 50th game, Griffin has been crucial to the Clippers success this year.

“I think clearly he’s running the floor better and he’s handling the ball more,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said about Blake’s success this year. “I just think the overall confidence in his game has grown and his shot and his ability to face the basket instead of always trying to play physical with the bigs. I think that’s where he’s improved the most and he’s still going to keep getting better. I don’t think he’s where he wants to be yet at all.”

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