Brendan Haywood: Stan Van Gundy Accusation is No April Fool’s Joke

Brendan Haywood has been receiving a lot of heat lately from Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy when he first accused the Mavericks center of sucker-punching Dwight Howard. Haywood would respond a day later that he didn’t do anything to Howard and that him and the star center are cool.

Haywood appeared on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM Monday morning, as he was asked if the Van Gundy accusation was just a bitter April Fool’s joke.

It wasn’t.

“I was at home and I thought Stan Van Gundy was setting everybody up because it was April 1st,” Haywood said. “I thought it was a big April Fool’s joke. I thought we’re all going to laugh about it, and then I realized he was serious. There’s nothing to it.”

Haywood would add some humor to the conversation, saying, “I’m just sitting here training with Floyd Mayweather getting ready for my next fight.”

We’ll see what happens, but in my opinion, this case doesn’t look like it will go anywhere for Van Gundy.

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