• Can the Bulls Win This Season Without Derrick Rose?

    by FootBasket on Thursday, October 25, 2012

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    Derrick Rose October 2012

    With Derrick Rose out at least until January or February, the expectations for the Chicago Bulls are extremely low. Keep in mind that I’m a native Chicagoan, so I’ll try to be as unbiased as possible.

    During the off-season, the Bulls made some radical changes, they got rid of their beloved bench mob. With new additions in Nate Robinson, Nazr Mohammed, Kirk Hinrich and Marquis Teague, the Bulls have put together a solid bench. With hopes that second-year swingman Jimmy Butler has improved his shooting, the Bulls can be relatively competitive without their superstar in Rose.

    Will they win the East when D-Rose comes back? Of course not, but I can see the Bulls capturing the number eighth spot in the East when he returns. Coach Tom Thibodeau has shown what he could do with this team that what some might call mediocre, so I wouldn’t completely sleep on the Bulls.

    The Bulls have to do two things to make their offense more efficient:

    1. Boozer and Noah have to score more in the paint

    Grabbing rebounds is great but they have to learn how make high percentage shots. The Bulls relied too heavily on the jumpshot in previous seasons, that has to change!

    2. Spread the floor

    If Richard Hamilton is healthy this season, he and Hinrich will be able to spread the offense allowing more opportunities to score not only for themselves but for Luol Deng as well.

    With Thibodeau being one of the great defensive-minded coaches in the league, I’m not worried about defensive improvements, but this team has to improve the offense tremendously in order to grab the eighth seed in the East.


    Written by FootBasket


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