Jared Jeffries: Knicks Should Play the Bulls in the Playoffs

With the New York Knicks rolling this season, they are more than likely to secure their eighth seed for the NBA Playoffs over the Milwaukee Bucks. Backup forward, Jared Jeffries, says that he would like to face the Chicago Bulls come playoff-time. due to the injuries involving star Derrick Rose.

“I still think the Bulls,” Jeffries said Friday afternoon on ESPN New York 1050’s “Ruocco & Lundberg.” “Whenever you can have an MVP candidate or former MVP player be out on the team, I think that’s what you’ve got to go for. I mean, they’re still playing very well without him, but I’m not sure over a seven-game series they can keep that high level of playing without Derrick Rose.”

The Knicks were struggling recently, until Mike Woodson came in. He has been 12-4 since as the Knicks continue to win, despite injuries to Jeremy Lin and Amare Stoudemire. Led by Carmelo Anthony, they have been doing very well.

However, New York may need to watch out as the Bulls have a lot of depth. They showed it Thursday night, as their back-ups beat up the Miami Heat in a 96-86 overtime win.

Jeffries still is confident, even if Rose returns.

“I think that we’ve shown that if we come out with the focus that we’ve had over the last two weeks, we can play with anybody,” he said. “We’ve done a great job defensively of locking in and following a game plan. And then when it comes down to offense, when you put a guy like Carmelo (Anthony) and Amare (Stoudemire) out there, that’s the last of your worries of scoring the ball. If you can get stops, those guys will find a way to score.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Knicks can pull something off, especially after that big win last week with those big shots by Melo.

Knicks-Bulls looks like a good playoff-series, and if both teams continue to play well like they have been so far, expect to see the series coming up.

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