• Jeremy Lin Crossovers John Wall, Throws Down the Dunk

    by FootBasket on Thursday, February 9, 2012

    in NBA

    And the Linsanity continues. During the New York Knicks big win over the Washington Wizards Wednesday night, led by Jeremy Lin’s 23 points and ten assists, the Harvard grad crossovered John Wall to take it home for the dunk.

    Take a look:

    I swear, this kid is gonna be a bigger hit than what Tim Tebow was in the NFL.

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    • Anonymous

      john wall who?

    • Anonymous

      asian pride

    • Anonymous

      This is just some random asian kid. Tebow stands for so much more beyond athletics then any present day athlete. Do your homework on the guy cause you obviously don’t have the slightest clue what your talking about. The only thing Lin has on Tebow to promote his popularity is that he is playing in NYC.


    • Johnny Blah

      Jeremy is an American . . . as American as Ricky Stanzi. In a popularity contest, who’s to say what any of us really “stands for?”

      Is it REALLY all about popularity anyhow?

    • bigkdavis7

      The Knicks have found their Point-guard, nothing against Davis, but the young Linn has proved he can handle. Where Earl the Pearl when you need him.

    • Anonymous

      Lin > Tebow.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14456755184511771644 AlMack

      I’m not an overly religous person, but Linn is just as religous as Tebow. Now I don’t like people throwing their religon in my face, but don’t go hating when people talk about this kid. Sound like somebody is a bit racist against the “Asian-American”.

    • Anonymous

      This kid can play…just a rising star that nobody saw comming. Good for him, lets hope he stays relatively under the radar and doesnt get caught up in all the hype with lebron, D.wade, Kobe and all the other bigger names.

    • Anonymous

      “Random Asian kid?” Take your man-crush elsewhere, racist. The difference between Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow is that Lin can actually play at the professional level, and he wasn’t a college Golden Boy who got wined and dined everywhere he went. Tebow leans heavily on his team-mates. Lin’s team-mates lean heavily on him.

    • Anonymous

      its just 3 games .remember yau ming.let he do 2 or more seasons with high notes.I am asian too

    • Anonymous

      the three defenders practically ran from him when he was about to dunk.. nice job wizards

    • Anonymous

      Why not just enjoy some inspired hoops play and the story of a kid doing well and leave all the attributed symbolism and comparisons at home.

    • Anonymous

      Hey this kid is going to be GREAT. Where and why the TEBOW comparison. IGNORANCE EXISTS EVERYWHERE. The Knicks have their NUMBER 1 POINT GUARD NOW. GOD BLESS THIS ASIAN KID. Watch out when CARMELO gets his head out of his butt, and STAT returns to form — THE KNICKS WILL TAKE THE EAST COAST. PUNCH IT!!!

    • Anonymous

      What’s with the comparison to Tebow? There’s NO REASON for that except that they’re both “Christians”! So, should we compare all Muslim athletes and/or Mormon athletes too? Let’s see… Steve Young is a Mormon and so is Jimmer Ferdette. Let’s compare the two! IDIOTS!

      J-Lin is just a great story. It’s about a kid who was overlooked because he’s Asian and not black or white like 90% of the kids that play basketball on the college and pro levels!

      He’s got game, he works hard at it, and he’s finally got his chance to showcase his talents. Whether or not Lin will be able to sustain this level of play, is another question. As for now, he is BALLIN, straight up!

      He was someone that the Lakers were lookin to pick up before his hometown Warriors offered him a contract. So, NBA scouts saw some potential in him, but they just didn’t know that he’s got that much game. He’s just finally at the right place at the right time.

      Like Ramon Sessons ballin for the Cavs against the Clips last night. He outplayed CP3 and showed that he’s a decent point guard. He was buried on the teams that he played previously. The Bucks drafted Brandon Jennings and so he sat. The Timberwolves drafted Johnny Flynn and so he sat again. Even on the Cavs, he played behind Mo Williams and also Baron Davis, and now again behind Kyrie Irving.

      There are plenty of players on teams that just need their break. J-Lin and Sessons are prime examples of that. They, of course, also need to produce when given those chances, and so far, they have!

      Just be happy to see these 2 guys ballin so well while they’ve got the opportunity. No analyst is predicting that either one will be the savior for their respective franchises. It’s the fans that are making them out to be that.

      For now, let’s just allow them to do what they do, and be happy for them for their success. And stop the non-sense in comparing the likes of Lin and Tebow when there’s ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for such a thing!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know if he’s going to be great or what, the thing is he is doing a good job right now and let’s just talk about his “talent” and stay away from all the BS talk. Does it matter that he was born from Asian-American or American-Asian parents? Does it matter if he is religious or not? If he proves his talent in the long run, then good for him and good for the NBA.

    • Anonymous

      Just let the kid play. He’s obviously worked hard to get where he is and that’s the great story. This is an inspiring story for young people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds. This young man, took an extremely difficult path to one of the biggest stages in professional sports. Whether we still talk about him 2 or even 10 years from now, I still applaud the performances he has put on thus far. I’m not implying that he will be the next big thing, but that his story might have helped some child somewhere to not give up on their dreams. And I think that should be a bigger deal than comparing him to anyone else.

    • Anonymous

      Good for Jeremy. These stories are always nice to hear about.
      I hope you become the second best point guard in the NBA.
      Kyrie Irving is first :)

    • john

      I have watched Jeremey Lin play in the San Francisco Summer ProAm League when he was at Harvard. It comes as no surprise that he is doing well with the N.Y. Knicks. It’s all about having an opportunity to play on a consistent basis and prove yourself. Three games does not make a star and I’m sure Jeremey knows that. Unfortunately racism is part and parcel of America. Real basketball fans who love the game are only interested in one thing: can you PLAY! Right On Jeremey!

    • Anonymous

      If nothing else, he’s the smartest player in the NBA!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05108628197099179901 Josh Dhani

      When I mean Tim Tebow, I did not mean anything religiously or about ethnicity. I am talking about the goddamn game itself.

      Tim Tebow was huge as he proved all the critics wrong and did everything great that no one thought he could have.

      Jeremy Lin did the same, overcoming the odds like Tebow. That’s why I compared them both and both are having big impacts on the game and making it fun.

      You gotta love it and everyone is digging it.

      That’s why I compared it. Not because of race or religion. So stop bashing for that.

    • Anonymous

      I thought they were in New York the way the crowd was cheering for Lin

    • Anonymous

      talented kid for sure but to the wiazrds….defense anyone?