Zach LaVine Timberwolves June 2014

NBA Draft 2014: Zach LaVine Says “Fuck Me” After Going to T-Wolves

Zach LaVine Timberwolves June 2014

I guess Zach LaVine wasn’t very happy going to the Minnesota Timberwolves. I don’t blame him. The UCLA point guard is going from Los Angeles to Minnesota, and he’s likely not going to be able to do much with Kevin Love with him likely to leave soon.

LaVine looked as if he said “Fuck me” after getting drafted:

Well then.

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  1. Mik e says

    Less than 10 ppg ..gets drafted in mid first rd ..and has the ball to be upset about it?…lots of kids would kill to be picked in the nba..anywhere

  2. Brody says

    His agent said they knew the Wolves were going to take him, that he’s ecstatic to be in MN and that he was just expressing emotion at being drafted in the NBA (i.e. his dream). So there you go.

  3. yoyo says

    look at the expression of the guy on the left when he says it… you know then that they were trying to hide the disappointment…

    oh, and he didn’t say f_ck me, he said f_ck man…


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