marcus smart february 2014

Marcus Smart Pushes Texas Tech Fan Who Called Him N-Word

marcus smart february 2014

Marcus Smart pushed a Texas Tech fan at the end of the Oklahoma State’s loss to the Raiders for calling him the N-word. Smart pushed the fan, who’s name is Jeff Orr, which ended up in the sophomore guard going to the bench. Here’s the video of Smart pushing the fan below:

It appears that the fan that got pushed by Smart is apparently a not-so-nice guy. One Twitter user found what he did to a player during a previous game:

Video of that can be seen here, as he wags his tongue at the player while also giving him a “F**k you!” gesture:The fan, whose name is Jeff Orr, is regarded as Texas Tech’s No. 1 fan:

Orr reportedly called Smart the N-word:

Orr has had a history of heckling college athletes. Utah Jazz point guard John Lucas III still remembers Orr during his college days:

Following that report, Doug Gottlieb of ESPN released some text messages his Texas Tech friend had with Orr. Orr says he didn’t say anything vulgar or the N-word, but he says he said something he shouldn’t have:

It’s hard to judge if Orr was telling the truth or not. He’s on the losing side right now based off his previous actions. Not sure if Orr would even admit he said the N-word, if he really did. It also seems kinda shady to me that Gottlieb’s friend won’t screenshot the reply either.

Robert Littal of Black Sports Online makes a great point from Gottlieb’s tweets:

Amazingly right after Gottlieb’s tweets, an Oklahoma State beat writer confirmed that Orr called Smart the N-word:

After that report, Orr was semi-right on his texts to that Texas Tech fan when he said that it was something he shouldn’t have said. Allegedly, he told Smart to “go back to Africa,” or even added the n-word into that. We don’t know, but some of these tweets provide a perspective:

Many people are currently in support for Marcus Smart. Duke’s Jabari Parker wrote on Twitter that the “media is giving Marcus Smart a hard time. They definitely casting the first stone for something they know little of. I got your back bro.”

Metta World Peace — who is notorious for beating up a fan during the infamous “Malice at the Palace” incident — offered some words of advice to Smart on Twitter saying that “all mistakes and missteps are a foundation for improvement. Sometimes the game is so intense, we forget it’s just a game.”

Others, such as former NBA forward Desmond Mason, say there is still no excuse for Smart’s actions:

I mean, you have to agree with Mason on that. He has a point. But still, it was in the heat of the moment. I don’t think anybody no knows what could happen if they do something in the heat of the moment.

I’m not sure if Smart has ever dealt with racial slurs while he was playing in Oklahoma State, so this could have been first time. We don’t know. But otherwise, it’s pretty understandable on Smart’s end. Jeff Orr is just lucky that Smart just shoved him.

When you’re there saying something a player that’s obviously going to make him mad or get violent, why say it? Someday someone is gonna knock your teeth in, and Orr is lucky it hasn’t happened to him already.

New story to come once an investigation is completed by the Big 12.

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  1. hoopmom says

    How old are you?  The fan was clearly NOT a ‘very old man.’  65 years old at best…and I think that’s pushing it.  How do you classify someone who’s 80+?  A very very very old man? While nothing excuses Marcus Smart’s behavior, don’t exaggerate the facts.

  2. JoshDhaniJoshDhani says

    @LNSmithee Foot_Basket  Obviously there’s no excuse for Marcus Smart doing this. He shouldn’t have let it get to him. But that fan should definitely be banned from games then.

  3. Holden Skanknutz says

    I don’t care what he said, this is not acceptable. Orr is obviously just holding up his end to represent the majority of the Texas Tech fanbase, and their scumbag approach to sportsmanship in everything they do.
    Maybe white people should pick out a word that gives them carte blanch to get violently offended and act like a wild animal, incapable of demonstrating class or even basic restraint. I vote for the word cracker. From this day forth. cracker shall be deemed off limits to everyone on planet earth, even to companies who produce crackers. They will have to come up with a more PC alternative. Anyone who utters the word cracker from this day hence shall be justifiably subject to severe physical trauma or death, and the media shall provide full support in this vain.
    Tech and OSU are true losers. But you would expect nothing less from either of these slimy instututions.

  4. corndogankles says

    Holden Skanknutz  
    Yeah, you could come up with a word, lets go with ‘Cracker.’ But it wouldn’t have the right context now would it?  Not until you got in a time machine and convinced African people to colonize and invade Europe.  Then set up a system of white slave labor to work the land in Africa and export diamonds or something that would make Africa a surging world economic power, convincing other white people around the world that they should move to Africa and have a good life where Black people are given a distinct advantage socially and economically, and then Whites have little to no real hope or self-determination. “Crackers.”
    Yeah, then I’d probably expect calling white people Crackers would be bad for your health.
    Here’s the comedic presentation of this idea you’re working on –

  5. BarKeep87 says

    @LNSmithee Foot_Basket I agree. Yes, on a case by case basis person A saying something that offensive and personal to person B could be a reason for B to retaliate physically. But what about persons C,D, etc… You can’t punch every a**hole who attended this game in the teeth. Your hands will just get too sore.

  6. BarKeep87 says

    @renfro20 Foot_Basket when will people stop equivocating like this? A car is not necessarily dangerous, unless you use it while drunk or to intentionally hurt someone. A gun doesn’t kill a person, a person using a gun to kill someone kills that person. Going swimming is generally considered a pleasant leisure activity, however if someone plans to use that water to drown you, that experience would probably be much less enjoyable. It’s not about the word. It’s about how and why this Texas Tech fan decided to use it, if indeed he did.

  7. Keith__Raymond says

    Foot_Basket First it was reported that he called him a “monkey” then n word & now africa comment..who’s to believe what the hell was said.

  8. MatthewPa1 says

    Jeff Orr should be banned for life for doing anything to provoke the player.  Undoubtedly he said something.  The last think the NCAA is a Detroit Pistons – Pacers situation.  Ban this total loser for life and it will be the right message to others.

  9. Holden Skanknutz says

    Yeah. I had seen that routine before. The point I am making here, is that no one has the right to use an excuse that a “trigger word” caused them to become violent. And the fact that the media turns a blind eye is reprehensible, no matter who it is. Virtually every race and culture has experienced the bonds of slavery and the degredation to human progress thereof. It’s been 150 years now now for African Americans, and it’s been a solid 60 years since the civil rights act. When does it all end??
    It’s funny to me that when you travel to places like England, Denmark, Portugal and Spain that there is virtually no racial tension among those of african descent and the general population. England, Denmark, Portugal and Spain…you know… the countries that INVENTED the african slave trade to the Americas. Anyway, I’ll be glad when this nonsense is finally over on our side of the pond. Regardless of anything else, carrying that knid of chip on your shoulder is small minded, and in cases like this, selfish. It would have been much better to handle the situation with class, and later report what that guy said so that the appropriate light could be shone on the behavior of the fan involved. Orr is obviously a tub of human excrement, and that should stand alone in this. Unfortunately, that’s not the case now.

  10. Schram says

    Holden Skanknutz  Good God man, when’s the last time you travelled to the places you mentioned? Black athletes in Portugal, Spain, and England have all been subject to monkey chants and/or bananas thrown at them in the past year. The only reason our State Department took down a warning to black americans about the treatment they might encounter in Spain is because someone brought it up when Michelle Obama was about to visit there and they didn’t want any international embarrassments.

  11. Holden Skanknutz says

    Been to all of those places several times over the past 15 years, and was in England as recently as last month. Never said they were perfect, but the day-to-day tension is nothing like it is in the US. On the other hand, none of those places have ever elected a black president, nor will that ever ever ever ever happen over there. So there’s that.

  12. Anonymous says

    wow. Have I found the the “exclusive”?
    If I have (which I seriously doubt) whatever happened to “civil” disobedience over non-violence?  I suppose it’s over rated and out dated?

  13. Anonymous says

    Oh, my bad,  that wasn’t “civil disobedience” OR “non- violence”, now was it?  That was a crime in most states. Let’s hope Texas doesn’t get to “nanny” on us.  Then again, isn’t a “nanny” what most of the “iberals” expect from our “government”… Oh, the irony… It just kills me sometimes.

  14. KenHillman says

    @renfro20 Foot_Basket  It does not matter if the word is used by Smart 100 times a day; you have what is generally considered the ultimate terms of disrespect and degradation for a minority group. If someone from the minority group wants to use it because they believe it lessens the pain of it, that is their call-not yours. It does not take away from the fact that Smart needs to learn to control his anger (and a suspension is a great place to start), but it also speaks to a fan culture that is getting out of hand. Jeff Orr should lose his access to seats so close to children (many of whom who are not yet allowed to legally drink) playing a game…

  15. FranShepherd says

    Im sorry! That fat fuck Would have NEVER been at another Game!! Because I would have laid low, and had some gang members beat his ass for all the the people that have gone through Marcus Smart did!!!
    And as an African American “Lady” I would have pulled that finger off her hand and shoved it up Jeff’s fat ass! Texas Bastards like Orr have a lot to learn !! Dont come here to San Diego! All of us,Black, Mexican, Whites and the Asians will Stomp your ASS!!!

  16. DaveFinland says

    Maybe Mr. Orr was simply suggesting Mr. Smart take a nice long vacation to Africa. From the pictures in National Geographic it looks like a beautiful place. Lots of trees.

  17. DaveFinland says

    Nigger vs. Cracker. It appears the rules must be a tad unbalanced. Is it really acceptable to call Mr. Orr  a “cracker” ,  “honkie”, “white motherfucker”, “son of a dog”, “old man river”, etc while at the same time, one cannot refer to Mr. Smart as a “nigger”?

  18. DaveFinland says

    What if he called him a Monkey? Gorilla? Ape? Orangutan? Chimpanzee? Are these acceptable? Are these words the same as “Nigger”? If you watch the videos, it does seem appropriate to call him some kind of animal, because that is how he behaves. I have seen monkeys at the zoo act violently like that.

  19. FranShepherd says

    Dave Your such A CRACKER!!! Texas is such a backwards state. Who started calling us Black people niggers in the first place? Did you forget? You and your Craker as attitude can stay in Butt-Fuck Texas!!

  20. saopooh1068 says

    It’s all a very effective distraction.. ..racism. That is what it’s designed to do. That move could have easily cost him his career or could have led to assault charges. In most societies, there is always some form of mechanism instated to keep the masses divided. America with it’s diversity is the perfect stage for a well polished show.

  21. Greg30 says

    Food for thought! If Marcus Smart and Oklahoma State were leading and going to win at Texas Tech and had not lost their last three games, would he have acted with the same malice over name calling? If you just watch the Kansas vs Oklahoma State game you saw Smart, Brown, and Nash all lashed out at Kansas Players, a game they lost.  Marcus is an emotional player which has its pros and cons, but he can lead a team to greatness. But a team with so much promise on a losing streak and then losing to Texas Tech, his anger spilled over!  It is never OK to go into the stands after a fan, period.  Like the saying goes, winning fixes everything.

  22. Holden Skanknutz says

    All generalizations are false, including this one. —Mark Twain.
    Take a long hard look at the area in which you call home. Do you see it?? I thought you would.

  23. BmonsterMcCarthy says

    It’s hard to imagine Smart hearing what that one fan said out of all that damned noise. But Orr is apparently an obnoxious dick in general at games. Buying a ticket to an even, esp. one populated with women and kids, does NOT grant you the right to be a jerk or to use profanity/bigoted words. If that’s indeed what he did, he should be banned from some games. See these games is not a right, it’s more of a privilege that presupposes fans will behave like mature adults.


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