Asante Samuel to Wes Welker: Go After the Money



Asante Samuel left the New England Patriots because he knew he wasn’t going to make top-dollar there based on the team’s track record of re-signing and signing free agents. With that, he went to the Philadelphia Eagles instead and got paid like he expected to.

Former teammate Wes Welker was critical of Samuel’s decision to chase money over championships. Now Welker is a free agent and Samuel has some advice for Welker: take the money and run.

In an interview on Fox Sports Radio, Samuel said that Welker would be wise to take the best offer he can get if the Patriots don’t give him the money.

“He made the comment when I left, I chased the money and not the championship. So here’s my advice to you, Welker: You better chase the money, brother,” Samuel said.

As an NFL player, Welker should explore his options to see how much he’s worth on the open market. Someone will be willing to overpay for him based on his production. As good as Welker has performed, I do believe he’s a product of the Patriots system. Don’t believe me, ask Deion Branch on how well he did after leaving New England.

NFL players have short careers, so Welker might want to get paid while he can, although he might be the best fit in New England’s offense than going elsewhere.

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