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    by FootBasket on Monday, December 10, 2012

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    Brandon Jacobs December 2012

    Brandon Jacobs’ tenure with the San Francisco 49ers has apparently come to and end, according to reports. The 49ers have suspended Jacobs for the remaining three games of the season because of conduct detrimental to the team.

    Reports say that the 49ers went with the move to suspend Jacobs rather than release him from the team. This makes sense and is smart business by San Francisco because it blocks Jacobs from potentially joining another team that they’d possibly have to play at some point over the next month.

    So why take the risk of Jacobs taking his knowledge of their playbook to another team? It’s not the news Jacobs would prefer, however it’s just smart business by his employers.

    I was hoping Jacobs would get the fresh start he was looking for in San Francisco after seven seasons in New York with the Giants, however it seemed doomed from the start for him out in the bay area.

    Jacobs was clearly unhappy with his playing time in New York, and despite being apart of two Super Bowl winning teams there, he made it easy for the Giants to part ways with him with more talk off-the-field than production on-the-field.

    Apparently, Jacobs didn’t do himself any favors again. He recently went on the picture-sharing service called Instagram and wrote that he was “rotting away” with the 49ers. It was just one of a series of controversial comments Jacobs made about the team currently employing him, and it was apparently enough to put the wheels in motion for his dismissal from the team.

    Social media can be a great tool to market yourself and it can also be the tool that plays a big part in taking away everything you’ve worked hard to acheive. If Jacobs does get another chance in the league again, I’d hope he realizes that talking about your employers publicly like the way he has in New York and San Francisco isn’t going to get him anywhere.

    And now he’s here in a new place, and that’s “rotting away” on the sidelines watching.


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