DeAngelo Hall Wanted to Race Gold-Medalist LaShawn Merritt

DeAngelo Hall is always known for being a trash-talking guy since he first joined the league. He’s also known as one of the fastest players on the gridiron.

The Washington Redskins cornerback recently wanted to race gold-medalist LaShawn Merritt and bet him money. Hall was very confident that he would have won.“D-Hall is a trash talker, so of course he started talking that he could beat me in a race,” Merritt said. “I just won the gold medal so I wasn’t hearing any of it. He was going to put up $100,000 against my gold medal. He wanted to do a 40-yard dash, but we settled on the 100-meter. Nothing ever came of it, though.”

Even though Hall is fast as hell, I just don’t see him beating a guy like Merritt. However, I love the confidence in him.

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