Steelers Most Likely to Keep Mike Wallace With No Other Teams Interested

Mike Wallace really screwed himself for this year’s free agency, saying he was worth the money that Larry Fitzgerald was getting with the Arizona Cardinals (he signed a eight-year, $120 million contract). Although Wallace has improved significantly, there’s no way he is worth that kind of money.

With no teams interested after Wallace demanded such a high price tag, look for young receiver now to return to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Wallace is scheduled to make around $3 million for next season, and if he doesn’t sign the tender, Pittsburgh can reduce the amount by 110 percent and still retain his rights.

Wallace almost could have gone to the San Francisco 49ers for a first-round pick, but they didn’t have the money he was asking for.

It’s sad to see now that for Wallace he will probably be ending up with $2 million contract next year instead of getting something around a four-year deal for $40 million. Bad decision by him saying he was worth Fitz’s money.

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