The NFL Draft Radar, Ep. 2: Does Hoax Affect Manti Te’os Draft Stock?

Manti Te'o January 2013

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On the second episode of The NFL Draft Radar, I talk with Matt Miller from Bleacher Report. We discuss about the the NFLPA, Shrine Game and Senior Bowl. Matt is currently in Mobile, Alabama covering the 2013 Senior Bowl for B/R and we will ask him about the latest news down there.

We also recap the Conference Championship games in the NFL. Who won between the match-ups of 49ers-Falcons and Ravens-Patriots? After that, Matt and I talk about the weird Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax. Will this affect his stock and what are Matt’s thoughts on the whole situation?

In the main part of the show, we talk about running backs and wide receivers. Who are the top prospects at each spot?

Take a listen:

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