Joe Flacco and Ravens Not Having Any Progress On New Deal

The Baltimore Ravens have recently been trying to work out some deals now with their players. After agreeing to a five-year extension with cornerback Lardarius Webb, the Ravens are now looking to get Ray Rice aboard.

However, according to Pro Football Talk, the organization has had no progress trying to get a new deal with quarterback Joe Flacco. According to GM Ozzie Newsome, the Ravens are having some success getting a new deal with Rice, as his rookie contract has expired.

Newsome plans to get something done with Flacco, as he enters the last season under his rookie deal. However, even though there have been ongoing talks with Flacco, they haven’t gotten any further than they have right now.

It looks like the first thing Baltimore plans to do is just get something done for Rice, and then they’ll worry about Flacco later.

“[I]t either gets done or it doesn’t,” Flacco said.  “And I’m not really too involved in the process besides letting him know how I feel and letting him take care of that and letting the Baltimore Ravens take care of their side.  And that’s really my involvement.  It’s not about the money, it’s about what you as a player feel that you deserve.  And at the end of the day, they’ll take care of it and I’ll be waiting.”

We’ll see what Baltimore plans to do with the guy who thinks he’s the best QB in the league.

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