NBA Rumors: Could Pau Gasol Team Up With Derrick Rose in Chicago?

There has been a lot of hoopla surrounding Pau Gasol and the Los Angeles Lakers since the vetoed Chris Paul trade. Kobe ripped the team’s management earlier today that they should just make the decision now on whether to trade him or not.

Lately, Gasol has been in many rumor mills surrounding the Houston Rockets, as they have badly wanted him since the vetoed CP3 trade.

However, another team that could be a suitor may be the Chicago Bulls. According to, Rose wants Gasol on his team.

“He [Rose] hasn’t said so publicly, but he has made that known privately.”

The likely trade that may happen is if the Bulls offer Carlos Boozer and another player to get him. Gasol has two years left on his contract that is worth $38 million while Boozer has three with $46 million.

The Bulls are interested, so add them to the list. I feel Gasol could be traded, and a one-two punch of him and D-Rose looks deadly. But I guess we’ll see what happens at the latest, which is the trade deadline on March 15.

Where do you think Gasol goes? Does he fit with the Bulls?

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