NFL Draft 2012: Colts Already Decided On Who to Have at No. 1

On April 26, the Indianapolis Colts will decide who their new franchise quarterback will be to replace Peyton Manning. Many have said it’s been Andrew Luck, and it’s a no-brainer. However, Jim Irsay has still been trying to look at Robert Griffin III, so there is still a chance they might get him.

After looking at the two for a while, they have decided on who they will draft. They just won’t tell anybody, though, and we will have to find out in a week.

“We’ve known for a little while. We’ve done all our due diligence,” team general manager, Ryan Grigson, said. “Unless there’s an unforeseen problem or something like that, we know what we’re doing.”

In my opinion, it looks like it will be Luck, but don’t be surprised if Irsay makes the move to go after RGIII, kind of like what he did a decade ago when he picked Edgerrin James over Ricky Williams.

Who do you think the Colts will draft? Answer our poll to the right sidebar on who you think will be No. 1.

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