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Rockets’ Chandler Parsons Shows That Money Hasn’t Changed Jeremy Lin

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Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty ImagesStar point guard Jeremy Lin is now getting paid after signing to a multi-million dollar deal with the Houston Rockets this off-season.For most people, more money usually equals more problems as the person changes drastically. For Lin, it's different. He's the same guy.Last year, it was noted that Lin slept on his brother's couch when he was a … [Read more...]

Rockets New PG Jeremy Lin Says Houston Will Be "Young and Inexperienced"

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Jeremy Lin is now a member of the Houston Rockets now and is looking to make a difference.Lin spoke to Radio Netherlands Worldwide about the latest in Houston, saying he hasn't had a big chance yet on exploring around in the city due to a "paparazzi issue," as everyone is still over the "Linsanity" craze."It's a beautiful city. I like it a lot," he said.Lin has so far been in … [Read more...]

2012-13 NBA Season Preview: All Questions, No Answers


Can we all agree that the plethora of NBA predictions publicized on a daily basis are getting a bit redundant?Would it be out of line for me to call them played out? An example of sports journalism mediocrity? An easy way to bring homeristic journalism to the forefront of the sports page? A lazy journalist's way of pumping out a product to meet a deadline?Is it so wrong to … [Read more...]

Knicks C Marcus Camby Wouldn’t Sign with Heat Because He Couldn’t Stand Wearing the Uniform

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Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty ImagesThe Miami Heat were looking to lock up every free agent they could after signing veteran shooting guard Ray Allen.After that, the Heat tried signing up former Houston Rockets center Marcus Camby, who almost did until he bolted to re-join the New York Knicks.However, the big reason Camby didn't sign with the Heat was the battles he used to have … [Read more...]

Heat Guard Dwyane Wade Goes On "The David Letterman Show"

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Miami Heat star shooting guard Dwyane Wade made an appearance on The Late Night Show With David Letterman Tuesday night to discuss various things, such as his new upcoming book called A Father First.Wade also talked about the off-season, his knee surgery, the upcoming NBA season, Jeremy Lin signing with the Houston Rockets and much more.Take a look at the whole conversation in … [Read more...]

Barack Obama Compares Himself To the Heat, Mitt Romney To Jeremy Lin

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Getty ImagesWith the presidential elections coming up, things are going to go down between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.According to the New York Times, the 44th president tried to make an analogy of the difference between himself and Romney; saying that he is the Miami Heat while Romney is like former New York Knicks and current Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin.No matter … [Read more...]