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2012-13 NBA Season Preview: All Questions, No Answers


Can we all agree that the plethora of NBA predictions publicized on a daily basis are getting a bit redundant?Would it be out of line for me to call them played out? An example of sports journalism mediocrity? An easy way to bring homeristic journalism to the forefront of the sports page? A lazy journalist's way of pumping out a product to meet a deadline?Is it so wrong to … [Read more...]

Chris Paul Says He Originally Wanted To Be Traded To Clippers Instead of Lakers

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Many fans of the Los Angeles Lakers were pissed off last season when owner David Stern vetoed a trade that would send point guard Chris Paul to the team.However, with Stern as the owner of the New Orleans Hornets at the time with the team looking for a new owner to purchase the team, he had the right to do what he did.Paul would later write "Wow," on Twitter following the … [Read more...]