NBA Week 22 Recap: Harden, Durant, Nash and the Utah Jazz

James Harden Stirring

James Harden submits an MVP performance, Durant gets shut down, a legend retires and the Jazz emerge. Let’s take a look back at the week in the NBA. On Thursday night, the Rockets honored the team that won back-to-back titles 20 years ago. All the big names from those teams were there: Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde […]

Kobe Bryant: “Don’t Sacrifice the Lakers’ Future to Appease Me”


Next season will be Kobe Bryant’s 20th in the NBA, and depending on who you ask — it will likely be his last. The Lakers are a few promising moves and signings away from regaining relevance — but not at the cost of mortgaging their future to get Bryant one more ring. Bryant says he’s […]

NBA Rumors: Love, Rondo and Monroe Interested in Lakers?


The Los Angeles Lakers are always major players in free agency, but reports say that Mitch Kupchak and company could be ready for a return to relevance really quickly. It’s been known for months that Rajon Rondo is likely to sign with L.A. this summer. He loves Kobe and the Lakers would be his show. […]

Lakers PG Jeremy Lin Has Foot Race With Homeless Guy (Video)


Jeremy Lin is a keeper in L.A. for his philanthropic efforts alone. Lin has gone above and beyond in the community since becoming a Laker. Lin and a few of his pals used their NBA All Star break to give back to the homeless. At somepoint — a homeless 55-year-old decided to see just how […]

Swaggy P Threatens ESPN’s Robert Flores Over Iggy Azalea Diss


ESPN’s Robert Flores is in hot water with Nick Young, after making comments about his girlfriend Iggy Azelea. Flores said Iggy was “killing hip-hop” and here’s what Swaggy P had to say about that. @RoFloESPN I’m pretty sure we going to run into each other soon — Nick Young (@NickSwagyPYoung) March 2, 2015 @RoFloESPN you […]

Kobe Bryant’s “Muse” Documentary (Full Video Here)


Kobe Bryant really open up in his Showtime Documentary “MUSE”. Even if you aren’t a fan of Kobe or the Lakers it is worth watching. You will understand why Kobe is the way he is by watching the doc.