Russell Westbrook Won’t Be Suspended for Game vs Blazers

Russell Westbrook April 2015

The NBA has rescinded a technical foul against Russell Westbrook, meaning the league’s leading scorer will not face an automatic one-game suspension while the Thunder battle for a playoff spot. The league’s decision will allow Westbrook to play against the Trail Blazers on Monday, one day after he was called for a technical foul in […]

The NBA Players Association Is Launching Their Own Awards

LeBron James April 2015

NBA players have voiced about voting for awards like the MVP themselves, and it looks like that may finally be happening. The players association (NBPA) will be reportedly doing their own awards program. “Guys are going to be able to recognize the guys they play against every night and what they do for their franchises,” […]

Recapping This Past Week in the 2014-15 NBA Season (Week 23)

Paul George April 2015

On Saturday, it was announced that Paul George would return to game action on Sunday against the Heat. Basketball fans the world over were horrified when George suffered a compound fracture of both of the bones in his right lower leg during a televised Team USA scrimmage on August 1st of last year. In a […]

NBA Week 22 Recap: Harden, Durant, Nash and the Utah Jazz

James Harden Stirring

James Harden submits an MVP performance, Durant gets shut down, a legend retires and the Jazz emerge. Let’s take a look back at the week in the NBA. On Thursday night, the Rockets honored the team that won back-to-back titles 20 years ago. All the big names from those teams were there: Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde […]

Dahntay Jones Fined $10,000 for Bumping Draymond Green


This fine seems excessive. Dahntay Jones’ postgame bump of Draymond Green during his Sunday afternoon interview, will cost the shooting guard a few dollars. Sam Amick of USA Today reported the news: NBA announces that Clippers’ Dahntay Jones was fined $10,000 for bumping the Warriors’ Draymond Green during his postgame interview Sunday. — Sam Amick […]

2014-15 NBA Week 19 Recap: Russell Westbrook, Blazers and More

Russell Westbrook March 2015

This week the coaching carousel goes round, Russell Westbrook’s amazing streak comes to an end, the Portland Trail Blazers take a blow, and the best in the East square off. Let’s take a look at the week that was in the NBA. *** The Denver Nuggets did not have the highest of expectations heading into […]