Peyton Manning Voted as Greatest Quarterback of All Time

Peyton Manning GOAT

The website Football Perspective did what they call a “Wisdom of Crowds” election, where commenters ranked the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. The post got over 300 comments, and the top 3 had what you would expect: Joe Montana, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Despite Brady coming off a fourth ring, and how the media […]

NFL Rumors: Broncos May Fail Peyton Manning’s Physical on Purpose

Peyton Manning February 2015

Peyton Manning is currently working out in his hometown of New Orleans to prepare for the 2015 season. Manning is training to play next season, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be in Denver. Manning has yet to have his annual neck exam, and Jason Cole of Bleacher Report is reporting that John Elway and the […]

NFL Rumors: Broncos’ Peyton Manning Preparing for 2015 Return

Peyton Manning February 2015

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is not going to walk away with a poor taste in his mouth. Manning is expected to begin working with renowned boxing trainer Mackie Shilstone this week in preparation for an 18th NFL season, reports Jeff Duncan of The Times-Picayune. Shilstone, a specialist in career longevity, is famous for his […]

Tim Hasselbeck: “Peyton Manning Holds Career Edge Over Tom Brady”

Peyton Manning Tom Brady AFC Championship 2014

While everyone is claiming Tom Brady to be the GOAT quarterback, former NFL QB Tim Hasselbeck said to quiet down the noise. Hasselbeck says that Denver Broncos star Peyton Manning still holds the career edge. “As somebody who played at the quarterback position in the NFL, at a time that both of those guys were […]

Broncos’ Von Miller: “I’ll Take Peyton Manning Over Tom Brady” (Video)

Peyton Manning Thumbs Up

With Tom Brady capturing his fourth ring on Sunday night in Super Bowl 49, many are now talking about the New England Patriots star being the greatest quarterback ever over the likes of Joe Montana and others. For Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller, it’s his guy Peyton Manning. “Peyton’s my guy,” Miller said after the […]

NFL Rumors: Broncos’ Peyton Manning to Announce Return This Week


At this point now, it’d be a complete shock if Peyton Manning announced he was retiring from the NFL. All signs point to Manning returning for his 18th season, and the decision could come as early as next week, ESPN reports. It seems that Manning has been talking to new head coach Gary Kubiak about […]

Did John Harbaugh Diss John Fox With Peyton Manning Comment?

John Fox John Harbaugh Ravens Broncos

The Denver Broncos mutually agreed to part ways with former head coach John Fox following the team’s loss to the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL Playoffs a few weeks ago. A lot of Broncos fans are happy about the move, considering Fox failed to guide the team to a Super Bowl win during the past […]

NFL Rumors: Peyton Manning to Come Back if He Passes His Physical


Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning wants to return, but he’s likely to take his time making a decision. According to Woody Paige of the Denver Post, Manning is expected to make a decision after his neck exam. According to three trustworthy sources, Manning wants to return to the Broncos, but won’t and can’t make a […]

NFL Playoffs 2015: Peyton Manning Played With Torn Quad Muscle

Peyton Manning January 2015

I guess this will the get the skeptics off Peyton Manning for a few weeks. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Denver Broncos star quarterback actually played the last half of the season and Sunday’s playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts with a torn right quad muscle. Broncos QB Peyton Manning played Sunday’s Divisional Playoff […]

Colts’ Jim Irsay: “Cutting Peyton Manning Was Right Thing to Do”

Peyton Manning Andrew Luck January 2015

Jim Irsay is so smug for this comment, but it’s to be expected from a front-running owner who, no pun intended, lucked into drafting Andrew Luck. After the Indianapolis Colts dismantled the Denver Broncos on Sunday evening, Irsay felt the need to let us all know that he did the right thing in cutting Peyton […]

Chargers’ Dwight Freeney: “I Really Need to Sack Petyon Manning”


Dwight Freeney is obsessed with being able to look back on his career and say he sacked his former teammate, future Hall of Famer quarterback Peyton Manning. “At some time, I’m going to have to get him,” Freeney said, per U-T San Diego. “If I retire, I’m going to have find a way to (get […]

Congressman Says Eli, Peyton Manning Sexually Assault Their Wives (Vid)

Steve Cohen

This guy just lit his political career on fire. Tennessee congressman Steve Cohen was asked about Titans’ Sammie Hill sexual assault case, and not surprisingly he has no clue who Sammie Hill is. But instead of just moving on to the next topic, he says this: What an idiot.